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War Horse (2011)


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  • War Horse (2011)

    Only Spielberg...

    ...a big screen adaptation of Michael Morpurgo‘s World War I novel War Horse, based on a true story.

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    Re: War Horse (2011)

    Not really feeling it with this trailer.
    A bit too cliche and schmaltzy for my taste.
    But that's how I've felt about the last couple of Spielberg films lately.
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      Re: War Horse (2011)

      Well, I have plans to see it, at this time. Actually, it is one of only about a half dozen films I plan to see between now and December 31. But, I must be careful what I wish for. I may get it. For a long time I have wished for a film adaptation of Herge's "The Adventures of TinTin." And now that one is coming out in December, from Spielberg, I plan to see it as well. Though, having seen the trailer for it, I have my doubts whether it can live up to the comic book series upon which it is based. One of the reasons being the film is an odd and uneven mixture of both animation and live action. We'll see.


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        Re: War Horse (2011)

        When I was in the Theater seeing The Help, I saw this trailer, and the trailer was absolutely beautiful. It's a movie I'd see... and I know it's a movie I'd sob in, without a doubt, any movie involving an animal I know I'm going to cry in, but still, from the trailer in the theater it just looked so beautiful, regal, elegant, and unlike all the other movies being released. I'll def be taking my mom to see this one.
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