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Robbie Sherman Talks About the Sherman Brothers and the Kennedy Center Honors

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  • Robbie Sherman Talks About the Sherman Brothers and the Kennedy Center Honors

    On my personal blog, I posted an interview with Robbie Sherman, the son of Disney Legend Robert Sherman. Robbie is campaigning to have his famous father and uncle honored by the Kennedy Center. An excerpt of my article is below....

    Last month, I blogged about the campaign by Robbie Sherman to have his father and uncle, the Sherman Brothers, named as Kennedy Center Honorees. Since then, I reached out to Robbie and he kindly agreed to answer some questions by e-mail about the Sherman Brothers, their music and his relationship with his father Robert, a complex man of intellect and artistry.

    Robert Sherman was born in 1925 and, besides being one half of the team that wrote such Disney musical classics as "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," "It's a Small World," and "Winnie the Pooh," he is also a decorated World War II veteran and an accomplished poet, sculptor and painter. In 2002, he moved from the United States to Great Britain, where he currently resides.

    Tim: The Sherman Brothers have won many awards during their careers, two Oscars and a Grammy among them. What would be the significance of your father and uncle becoming Kennedy Center Honorees?

    Robbie Sherman: Kennedy Center Honors is one of the most high profile accolades given to people in the entertainment business. For the Sherman Brothers to be included among the honorees would significantly elevate peoples' awareness of their work as well. I can think of no other songwriters' music and lyrics which more closely reflect what John Kennedy was all about: his spirit of optimism and confidence. Since the Kennedy Center Honors was created in the late president's memory, it would seem particularly fitting for the Sherman Brothers to be chosen for this honor.
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