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Disney Magazine


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  • Disney Magazine

    I'm just wondering what's the deal with Disney Magazine- It used to be one of the only magizines that I would buy and read, but lately I haven't been able to find any recent copies on my local newstands. Is it not avalible in Canada anymore, or do I have to get a subscribtion? (A DLR AP does come with a subscription, right?) Anyways, does anyone know what's up, or am I not looking in the right places?

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    Re: Disney Magazine

    They stopped publishing it.


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      Re: Disney Magazine

      The DL 50th issue was the last.


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        Re: Disney Magazine

        Did any of you guys have a favorite issue? I think 50th was one of my favorites. The Monsters Inc one was good to since that was the issue that got me hooked on Disney Magazine.


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          Re: Disney Magazine

          I miss this magazine so much. They used to have so many great tips for the parks throughout.
          My subscription was replaced by Disney Adventures. A fun magazine, but nothing like Disney Magazine.
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            Re: Disney Magazine

            In May, I sent a rant to George Mitchell through the SaveDisney website. This was the official response I received:

            June 3, 2005

            Dear Mr. Callaway,

  , which is a great resource to help you stay informed of the latest news and events throughout the company, and is available without charge.

            Disney Magazine subscribers have been provided with several options for fulfilling their subscriptions. You can roll your subscription over to one of our other Disney magazines (FamilyFun or Disney Adventures) or receive a complete refund. Please call 800-333-8734 and we will help you expedite your choice.

            As the President of Disney Publishing Worldwide, I greatly appreciate and thank you for your passion and commitment to Disney Magazine and The Walt Disney Company.

            Sincerely yours,

            Deborah Dugan
            Disney Publishing Worldwide
            As you can see, there were several problems with this response, the most glaring of which was the Disney Insider being a weak online replacement for Disney Magazine (one "in depth" article per week and, as of now, it hasn't been updated since mid-November). I thought the quarterly publication of Disney Magazine--and before that, Disney News--had plenty to offer and did so in a timely manner. That it came out only four times a year made each issue denser with information and the anticipation for each one greater. Also, Disney Magazines were collectibles that created a living history of the Walt Disney Company. As a 43-year old male with no kids, I was also amused that I was offered Family Fun or Disney Adventures as replacements (I opted for the refund). I hardly fit either magazine's demographic.

            Six months after its closure, I still miss Disney Magazine. I hope one day, Disney realizes there is still a market for a news publication and brings it back.
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