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Steve Jobs retires from Apple CEO Position


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  • Steve Jobs retires from Apple CEO Position

    Steve Jobs, Disney board member, former CEO of Pixar, Executive Producer of Toy Story, and the single largest individual shareholder of The Walt Disney Company with an ownership of 7% of the Company, officially resigned from his position as CEO of Apple Inc., effective immediately. He has requested to remain with Apple as Chairman of the Board, a request that is almost certain to be honored. More at Forbes, who believes this could have an impact on TWDC stock.
    I knew if this business was ever to get anywhere, if this business was ever to grow, it could never do it by having to answer to someone unsympathetic to its possibilities, by having to answer to someone with only one thought or interest, namely profits. For my idea of how to make profits has differed greatly from those who generally control businesses such as ours. I have blind faith in the policy that quality, tempered with good judgment and showmanship, will win against all odds.
    -Walt Disney


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    Re: Steve Jobs retires from Apple CEO Position

    This is an interesting development and such a short notice. For years the news has talked about Steve Job and his medical/sick conditions. He really did drive Apple to be a leader in the industry. Steve Wozniak who was the founder was an inventor. Steve Jobs was an inevator and took Apple to the highest level of sucess.
    The sudden departure is curious with such short notice.
    I hope he has not decide to try and take over at TWDC?

    Your thoughts:
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      Re: Steve Jobs retires from Apple CEO Position

      I'd just like to list the impressive array of accomplishments Steve Jobs has achieved in his career. With Pixar and Disney/Pixar, he was involved with the production of a string of successful feature films: Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up, Toy Story 3, and arguably Pixar's only box-office disappointment Cars 2, and two that are still in production, Brave and Monsters University. Additionally the short films Pixar has produced include Luxo Jr., Red's Dream, Tin Toy, Knick Knack, Geri's Game, For the Birds, Boundin', One Man Band, Lifted, Presto, Partly Cloudy and Day & Night. Pixar films have won 23 Academy Awards, including a Special Achievement award for Toy Story and Best Animated Feature Film awards for both The Incredibles and WALL-E.

      As CEO of Apple, innovations that Mr. Jobs introduced to the personal computer and telecommunications industry include the Apple II, Macintosh computer, LaserWriter, HyperCard, Desktop Publishing, QuickTime, Plug-and-Play, System 7, iMac, SuperDrive, MacBook, the iLife suite (iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, Garage Band), Mac OS X, iWork, Mac Mini, the enormously popular iPod, the enormously popular iPhone, AirPort, iPad, iTunes, iCloud, iOS, FinalCutPro, Aperture, Logic, xServe, Apple stores, the Apple Human Interface Guidelines, popularized wireless networking, and he basically reinvented the keynote speech and product launch in the tech world.
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        While Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie and other American capitalists have been known for their extraordinary contributions via money from their companies, Steve Jobs--like Walt Disney--is known for having used capitalism to create wonders. Capitalism wasn't primarily a means to money that could then do good, but rather free enterprise led to the reward of creative freedom. With this freedom Jobs (and Disney before him) enriched and beautified the world. Brave risk taking was richly rewarded. Jobs purchased Pixar from George Lucas for only 5 million and sunk millions into it for years before it paid him back. . . eventually about a thousand times over, depending of Disney's NYSE closing price. Disney and Jobs both created products that were works of art within the reach of the middle class.

        I hope Steve Jobs' health and additional free time will inspire him (as Disney's largest shareholder, by far) to work with his (former?) representative, John Lasseter, to improve Disney's World. For starters, Walt Disney World could use better transportation and attractions.

        --Tom Sinsky
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