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'Song of the South' rising again, really?!


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  • 'Song of the South' rising again, really?!

    Cartoon Brew today reported two interesting SotS items:

    someone is selling a 16mm Technicolor print on eBay


    "Disney is remastering 'Song of the South' from the original negatives in 4k resolution.
    It's not in the immediate pipeline for a 'Snow White' or 'Bambi' level restoration, but they'll
    have complete digital files by the end of next year."

    If the latter is true, hmmmmmm......
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    Re: 'Song of the South' rising again, really?!

    IF the latter is true, it's certainly a positive step in the right direction. I've never seen this movie, and obviously all the attention it's garnered in the past few years (at least on the Internet ) has got my Disney geek interested piqued. Of the suggestions I've read to present it, I like the one with Leonard Maltin providing a video introduction ahead of the film to place it in the context of its times, like he's done on some of the the now defunct Walt Disney Treasure tin DVD releases. I can see both sides, and I don't envy Disney's position to decide the best way - or if - to release this to our reality-TV lovin' audiences, i.e., some folks just want to see the drama that unfolds with its release. But I do hope we get to eventually see it in unedited form. Thanks for the update.


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      Re: 'Song of the South' rising again, really?!

      I was lucky to see it on the big screen back in '86. I really have no clue why they are holding this movie back. If they want to hold this movie back, then they should do the same for Who Framed Roger Rabbit as the Tar Baby makes an appearance in there (check out the scene when Eddie first drives into Toon Town).


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        Re: 'Song of the South' rising again, really?!

        I'll believe they're going to release when I see it.
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          Re: 'Song of the South' rising again, really?!

          Originally posted by Disneylandfan85 View Post
          I'll believe they're going to release when I see it.

          I really want to see this movie get the attention that it deserves. It won several awards and was an all-around enjoyable family movie, as far as I know. I refuse to watch some crappy-quality video of it, though. I won't watch it until they give it the Blu-Ray treatment.


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            Re: 'Song of the South' rising again, really?!

            Disney may just be revamping the film for archival purposes.

            The Disney Family Museum may also be prepping it for a screening in the bay area


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