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Why doesn't Disney advertise its' intenational parks to USA?


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  • Why doesn't Disney advertise its' intenational parks to USA?

    This is something I don't understand. Unless Disney is embarrassed about the international parks, it only seems like that Disney will advertise only for US traveling. Disney does market the international parks, but it only seems like they advertise to those that live by(one disney thing?). Why don't aren't there ads on TV about taking a trip to city of lights and making the vacation more wonderful by going to Disneyland Paris Resort? Yes, I am aware some of parks are that near to their cities, but, here is what I see:
    Disneyland Resort: The original happiest place on earth is promoted to the US AND foreign countries. It helps that this the first disneyland.
    Walt Disney World: The resort that is TWICE the size of Manhatten! US and foreign tourist go to the resorts for vacation. Seen as a once in a lifetime time trip, but has the most attended park in world(Magic Kingdom).
    Disney Cruise Line: ITS DISNEY ON A BOAT!!! Who would't want to want to travel to Alaska, Bahamas, Caribbean and more!
    Adventures by Disney: A normal sightseeing vacation.....with the Disney feel!
    Disney Vacation Club: Go international, domestic and have a good time! Also go to Aulani! It is DISNEY AND HAWAII!! And not for just club members either!
    And then we have the.....other Resorts.
    Tokyo Disneyland Resort:
    I understand that Tokyo had a disaster. And that Tokyo Disneyland is owned by the oriental land company...but why aren't they promoting the place? The parks are Disneyland 2.0! The parks makes a lot of money, but not really much mentions to the US...
    Disneyland Paris Resort(Also Known as EuroDisney): It does seem like Disney did try to promote the park...however the resort could be seen as the International version of Disney's California Adventure. The park opened but no one came. While it is still running, the parks from what they appear are doing better, but that not great
    Disneyland Hong Kong resort: Newest resort , not doing that well either, and could be considered the smallest but why not have advertisment to vacation to China and go see Disneyland Hong kong!
    I have only gone to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but I don't understand this issue. At the moment Disneyland Shanghai is in the proccess of being built, the question is will it be promoted or ignored? (sorry for the long post)

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    Re: Why doesn't Disney advertise its' intenational parks to USA?

    Simple, The Walt Disney Company does not wholly own any of the international resorts.

    Some of your information is incorrect. Walt Disney World is no longer twice the size of Manhattan, as sizable chunks of the property have been sold off, the largest being Celebration. Attendance has not really ever been a problem for Disneyland Paris itself.


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      Re: Why doesn't Disney advertise its' intenational parks to USA?

      ok first of all Disneyland Paris is the most visited tourist destination in all of Europe, so i think its doing pretty good, it may not have had the busiest opening day but it recovered.... eventually. and The Walt Disney Company doesnt have full control over the International parks so why waste money on advertising something that other companies that run those parks should be doing?

      i beg to differ on Hong Kong Disneyland not doing too well

      oh and Disneyland in California beat out Magic Kingdom in attendance in fiscal year 2011 (October 1, 2010-September 30, 2011)
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        Re: Why doesn't Disney advertise its' intenational parks to USA?

        I just find it somewhat odd. For instances, on the toy story 3 DVD, where they advertise Toy story Midway Mania, Pixar Play Parade/ Pixar block pary (I think, I appologize for my incorrect facts) and Toy Story the Musical. Toy Story land however, for Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Hong Kong is left out. This could be taken several ways. They may not want to confuse people with the US parks, or constuction may of still been taking place, but the land itself has been complained on these boards for being too carnival like rides. I am not saying that the International Parks are bad, I just feel like Disney's marketing is odd.


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          Re: Why doesn't Disney advertise its' intenational parks to USA?

          Again, it boils down to ownership. If you owned 100% of one restaurant, 40% of another and 30% of a third, which one do you really want people to go eat at?

          Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort and the Disney Cruise Line are all 100% owned by The Walt Disney Company. Compared that to less than half of Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and none of the Tokyo Disney Resort.


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            Re: Why doesn't Disney advertise its' intenational parks to USA?

            In addition ownership issues, proximity to the resort drives marketing choices. A family has a set amount to spend. Better it be at the resort rather than on the plane ticket. The farther the resort that is being marketed, fewer people per capita that can afford the trip. Hence higher marketing costs.


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              Re: Why doesn't Disney advertise its' intenational parks to USA?

              Originally posted by Spongeocto4 View Post
              I am not saying that the International Parks are bad, I just feel like Disney's marketing is odd.
              Why spend money advertising to an audience that isn't the audience for the park?
              Why spend money advertising more options to the customer.. making the decision harder.. vs simpler

              It's not odd at all. You aren't looking at it like an owner or business person.. you are looking at it like a fan.

              Advertising is about pulling in your potential customer and trying to get an opportunity to make them into a paying customer. To convert a customer, you want to make the product seem desirable and compatible to the viewer.

              What is more feasible to most US customers... traveling to FL or traveling to Paris??

              You don't confuse potential customers with things that don't apply to them.

              Why would Disney build a park on the other side of the world.. and then try to take customers away from a local park to make them goto the distant park? Why even bother to have two parks at that point?

              Disney doesn't build more parks around the world to expand the product.. they build them to bring the product closer to the potential customers.


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                Re: Why doesn't Disney advertise its' intenational parks to USA?

                They hardly advertise the different US parks across the country. I can't think of a Disneyland advertisement I've seen since I've moved out east. It's either something specific to WDW or a general "Disney Parks" thing.
                "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing" -Walt Disney


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