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Phantom of the Opera....


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  • Phantom of the Opera....

    Not sure if this has been covered, but Phantom is now on HBO for the first time, and I did not see it in Theaters... SUCKS!

    I liked it on stage too....
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    Re: Phantom of the Opera....

    The stage play was breathtaking. The film was pathetic. I'm sorry, but if you're making a film called "The Phantom Of The Opera" then at least you could hire a phantom who can SING!

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      Re: Phantom of the Opera....

      I have a digital recorder with my cable box and decided to record this since I have never seen the play on stage. I love the music and emmy rossum is so cute to look at (is that her real singing voice, same with minnie driver?) but who in the world hired the guy to play the Phamtom, noted I have never seen the play, so its hard to compare, but his voice is horrible. Im still trying to watch it, I watch a little, fast forward a bit and than try to watch more later, im about half way through.

      Thank god I didnt pay to see it in the theatre.
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        Re: Phantom of the Opera....

        Parts of it were beautiful (Christine and Raoul), but you are all right: the Phantom was pretty bad. And it was SO long!

        Loved the stage musical - saw it twice in NYC and once in SF.


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          Re: Phantom of the Opera....

          Agreed. The film definitely lost a lot in the translation from stage to screen.
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            Re: Phantom of the Opera....

            It would have been fine if they'd used Michael Crawford, Michael Ball, Davis Gaines, Brad Little, or any experienced actor who could actually handle the role vocally.

            Voice wise, I'd almost even take a Franc D'Ambrosio over this guy (and that's saying a lot, because I think D'Ambrosio way over vocalizes the role, ridiculous amount of vibrato, and totally distracting)

            Minne Driver was a fantastic Carlotta (incidentally, that was not her singing voice as Carlotta, but she did sing "Learn To Be Lonely" for the credits). She took the role in a very original direction, with a "trashier" more peasanty Carlotta, and I loved it.

            I believe Emily Rossum sang her own part. Beautiful, wasn't she?

            Raoul looked like a pansy, but it worked.

            Erik was HOT HOT HOT, but the lack of singing ability killed it. The Phantom's voice ought to be so good it's hypnotic (kind of the point of Music of the Night, you know?)

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              Re: Phantom of the Opera....

              Yeah the Phantom left ALOT to be desired. But IMO he was the only low point of the movie. The rest of it I thought was very good.

              Of course when your movie is called "Phantom" of the opera and your "Phantom" is lacking ... you have a problem.


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                Originally posted by piratesmom
                I love the music and emmy rossum is so cute to look at (is that her real singing voice, same with minnie driver?)
                Yes, Emmy did her own singing, and I thought she did a decent job. They probably hired Minnie Driver because they couldn't possibly find anyone else who could have played that role well AND sung her own songs...

                I didn't hate the movie, but there were definite changes that I really hated and that I thought destroyed the feel.


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                  Re: Phantom of the Opera....

                  Jan. 11, 2006

                  'Phantom' becomes longest-run champion

                  NEW YORK -- With a burst of confetti, balloons and streamers -- plus an emotional appearance by the musical's original star -- Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera" set a theatrical record Monday night, becoming the longest-running show in Broadway history. The occasion, performance number 7,486, was also marked by a striking curtain call. A sinuous white feline -- from "Cats," the Lloyd Webber musical which was replaced at the top of the long-run throne -- danced with the current Phantom, Howard McGillin, before bidding farewell to the stage. The passing of the torch was met with rousing cheers as was the appearance of Michael Crawford, who opened "Phantom" in New York on Jan. 26, 1988. (AP)
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                    Re: Phantom of the Opera....

                    I actually enjoy the "Phantom" film. Yes, it's not the show. I've worked on and seen the show and whereas I've been caught up in its romantic sweeping melodies, I think it's a bore onstage. Wonderful in terms of its design and staging, but it never really grabbed me on an emotional level in it's live incarnation.

                    I know that Gerard Butler, the film Phantom, can not sing very well but when I saw the movie in theaters last year I was actually quite moved. His is the only Phantom that I ever felt any sympathy toward and my eyes were wet. This never happened with me when seeing the show or listening to the original cast album when I was teenager back in the late 80s.. and belive me.. I was "Phantom" obsessed when I was 17....and that was 18 years ago!

                    "Phantom" is not a great musical, but it works. All of its emotions are extremely one-dimensional and romantic. The characters and their intentions are very cut and dry. There's no depth beyond that... it either grabs you or it doesn't. The film is also this way. The thing I really liked about the movie is that is as appropriately junky, big, and garish as the source material.

                    The only thing I really take issue with in the movie is the "Masquerade" sequence. Here you have a song all about the swirling colors of costume and it's designed in black and white, and people are doing the "Vogue". When I saw this last year people were laughing out loud, including myself.
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                      Re: Phantom of the Opera....

                      Schumacher is a hack. The director of Batman & Robin had no business directing Phantom, and though Butler did a fine job with the acting, his singing (or total lack thereof) was so distracting to me that I couldn't separate them.

                      And it also destroys the storyline to have a really hot, sexy Phantom (which Butler totally was). His facial deformity was like a little bit of bad acne, extremely anticlimactic. Christine is faced with a very hard choice. Do I sleep with passionless but hot pretty boy count who wants to marry me or do I sleep with slightly crazy but really hot and extremely passionate composer who wants to marry me. Boy, what a dilemma!

                      Schumacher missed the point. And Masquerade was laughable. As was all the forced symbolism, extraneous framing devices (funniest moment of the film was old Raoul looking out of his carriage window and seeing a deer leap in a completely random) and ridiculous staging choices (those dancers in Point of No Return). And you're gonna tell me that a chandelier falls to the floor, and the Paris Opera House starts exploding? And as it's exploding, everyone is going down further into it to chase after a crazy guy in a mask? Do you know anyone who would run under an exploding, burning building? Screw the Phantom, I'd get out. Then there was the silly graveyard sword fight (ridiculous).

                      Thank God for Minnie Driver, who was hysterical. But why did Miranda Richardson have a French accent, and no one else? It's too bad...the show's colossal success warrants a solid, well-made film, and this wasn't it.


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                        Re: Phantom of the Opera....

                        I was not impressed with the Phantom. While Sarah Brightman was good as Christine, I really enjoyed Emmy in this role. The Phantom? Sorry He's no Michael Crawford AT ALL!!!! Nothing can compare to him!!!! I saw Davis Gaines when I saw it and he blew me away. I have to say the sets were amazing and the cinematography beautiful.....I just get irked by the guy playing the Phantom EVERY TIME. Minnie Driver.....fantastic!!!
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                          Re: Phantom of the Opera....

                          Agree DK. I saw the original in London with Crawford and thought it was OK. Then I saw Davis Gaines in LA and thought he was tremendous and made the whole show come alive. His was the only fan letter I've ever written and had a wonderful personal reply with photos from him.
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                            Re: Phantom of the Opera....

                            I've heard the Michael Crawford version, and I agree with all of you: he's 15 bajillion (yes, bajillion is a number) times better. BUT is he HOT HOT HOT as Morrigoon points out? I think not. You know, I think the HOT HOT HOT-ness sort of takes away from it in a way...
                            Whatever, getting back on track. I've never seen the stage version, (parental poisoning. My mother HATES Andrew Lloyd Webber) so I thought this movie was pretty good. Maybe I'd feel differently if I saw it on stage, but I still like.
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                              Re: Phantom of the Opera....

                              Emmy did her own singing- she has been singing with the Metropolitan Opera since the age of 7! When I heard she was cast, I looked her up to see who she was. I think she was a great Christine- I've seen Sarah Brightman in the role (it was written for her by ALW before they were married) and I think she did a good job of making it her own.

                              Minnie Driver definitely had the comedic timing and stage presence for Carlotta and Raoul was definitely wussy enough. I agree that Butler brought the crazy passion required for Erik, but they should have hired someone who can sing with a broadway pedigree, with so much makeup, who cares what he looks like?

                              I was dissapointed because the film felt overdone to me. The musical is so great live because it is such a spectacle- there is nothing on stage that makes you feel quite like Phantom can.

                              I'm not sure how it could have been translated better to the screen, but I left feeling like there was a better way to do it. It felt too large- I craved something far more intimate.

                              I followed the casting of the film for a long time, there was an internet petition demanding Crawford be cast as the Phantom. We should be thankful- Antonio Banderas was talked about for a loooong time for the Phantom. I saw him sing "The Phantom of the Opera" on PBS with Sarah Brightman and it was AWFUL. Actually, it was more like "Dey Fhamtom of dey Hoperah"
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