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Walt: The Man Behind the Myth


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  • Walt: The Man Behind the Myth

    Who here has seen this biography? I love it. What are your favorite chapters? Mine are the chapter about Disneyland and the chapter about Walts last month of life. I think that is a very touching film. I liked the part where they said that Walt had a vision of Epcot on his hospital room ceiling and then it showed a computer animation of the monorail passing through Walts Epcot with nice orchestra music accompaning it. I also like the menu screen itself. I love the Orchestra music that plays in the menu screen. I can probably watch that menu screen loop around a few times before I actually watch scenes from the film.

    The first time I watched it all the way through it choked me up at the end because I really felt as if I knew Walt.

    What did you think of the film after you watched it?

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    Re: Walt: The Man Behind the Myth

    A friend bought this for me as a birthday gift and I think it's one of the best biographys of Walt ever. It gives a lot of insight, a lot of images for us to watch of the man who inspires us still to this day, and really lets us know the man behind the stories.

    I do have to say I didn't like seeing the images of him near his end. He did look so old and sick, it was saddening. But I recommend everyone seeing this!

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      Re: Walt: The Man Behind the Myth

      Well I liked the chater that deals with his passing because everytime I watch it, I always get struck with the fact that Walt did so much in his life in ways to improve ours entertainment.


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        Re: Walt: The Man Behind the Myth

        Bob Thomas' Walt Disney: An American Original is a perfect partner to the film, and a brilliant read.

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