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  • Why? Whyyyyy?

    I know this has been posted already but i wanted to start a thread with a little more than speculation this time. (Unless i drastically misunderstood the last one.)

    Now, I'm not exactly sure how many people are actually rooting for this why in the WORLD would Bob Iger be a pick that would lead to good business?
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    You would think that being in New York for eight months out of the year would be cool...not when the closest thing you have to Disneyland is the World of Disney Store on Madison.

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    I think the link is broken .......

    I'm not that familiar with Iger ..... although his name is not usually mentioned with the same venom normally reserved for Pressler or Eisner ..... but promoting from within the company (for any company) is not that unusual ....
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      He is just as bad as Eisner you havent heard alot about him because he is not the big fish but you soon will hear alot( didnt he get a big vote out when Eisner did at the)


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        Not sure if this thread belongs in the DL folder, but here's my thought. Go ahead and let Iger become CEO. Heck, even let Eisner stay aboard. Why on earth would I wish this? The whole board needs to go. If the board allowed someone else besides Iger to become CEO, then the shareholders would be content, and I think in large part, the company would stay the same. But allowing Iger to become CEO (and even letting Eisner stay on the board) would just go to show how the board will bend to Eisner's wishes. I think if that happens, then Roy Disney and Stanley Gold are really going to bring out the big guns. This time, however, the message will be more clear. The Wall Street shareholders will even see how ignorant and narrow minded the board has become. I think the board will sign their own death warrant, and while we may suffer till the next shareholder meeting, longterm, it'll be good for the company.


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          Um,, this is , like,.... the ...what ? fourteenth thread today about Iger becoming CEO ?

          Guys, there's a scroll bar, multiple pages, and a search feature.

          Use them.


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