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Breaking News: BOB IGER the New # 1


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  • Breaking News: BOB IGER the New # 1

    Help us quickly.
    I just found out that Bob Iger is in fact taking over, and a whole year sooner than expected. What does this mean for the Disney Company??????
    I only hope we never lose sight of one thing... that it was all started by a mouse!

    the world of disneyking

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    Agh! I can only hope that he will be somewhat better than Eisner. I guess that's what everyone can really hope for.
    They hail from the same camps, pretty much. One must remember that Eisner, for the first several years of his tenure was full of creative ideas and financial willingness. It was after several bad business decisions (read: ABC) that things really started to go downhill. He has had to make up for the financial downfall and the aftermath of September 11, 2001. He handled these situations unfavorably.
    Perhaps Iger will do the same thing. For the first several years, he could be full of new ideas. Let's hope the economic atmosphere stays nice, and maybe we'll see a Disney turnaround!
    Any thoughts?


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      DisneyKing, I don't know if you are a shareholder, but ever since that news was "released" the stocks have plumeted.
      Cosmo Kramer: Well I can't go back to the public courses now! I can't! I WON'T!


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        Are for real! I haven't heard this yet. When is he slated to take over???
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          *takes a deep breath*
          M-I-C-K-E-Y P-R-I-M-E


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            This is not really what I want to hear after finishing DisneyWar. Le weep.


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              Behind the scenes in the Disney Board Room:
              "Iger, hmm...sounds like Eisner...ok, let's choose him."

              I'll ready to sell my stock. Then again, I could wait until it goes back up to the price I first bought it at...if it ever goes back up.
              J.B. Opie

              "Doubt is the rust of a feeble mind. The only way to seize the future is to grasp the present. Let's Go!"

              -Chairman Clench, Alien Encounter


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                  Roy Disney and Gold blasted Iger's choice Sunday.

                  "We find it incomprehensible that the board of directors of Disney failed to find a single external candidate interested in the job and thus handed Bob Iger the job by default," the two said in a statement. "The need for the Walt Disney Company to have a clean break from the prior regime and to change the leadership culture has been glaringly obvious to everyone except this board."

                  "Mr. Mitchell's approach to good governance is no better than a carny at the fair, enticing words but in the end the game is rigged," the statement continued.


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                      Thread Locked, due to duplicate thread.

                      Please continue discussion here.
                      -Monorail Man


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