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  • Rocky

    The Rocky films are among the greatest movies ever made in my opinion, even though there are probably better movies on the shelves now. They do stand the test of time though and a sixth movie is on the way. I plan on buying the DVD collection soon.


    This is a fantastic film about a nobody who gets the chance to prove his might after he is selected to face the world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed in a rare world title boxing match that Rocky takes very seriously, despite the fact that Apollo thought he was gonna drop Rocky like a fly.

    Sylvester Stallone struggled to get the film produced and he was broke back then too. At first, the producers thought he was an actor called Perry who had starred in a movie with Sylvester Stallone the previous year. This film did make Sylvester Stallone a huge star though and the film won some major awards.

    My favourite scene is when Rocky takes Adrien skating, even though she's shy and insecure around men. Rocky does take advantage of her a little, but that's males for you. The scene in which they kiss wasn't done the way it was suppost to, because Talia Shire had the flu. But it actually turned out better than they expected. Everybody was great in this movie, especially the late great Burgess Meredith as Mickey. It's interesting to see Rocky reject his help because he's too proud, only to accept the help afterwards.

    Rocky II

    Just as great as its predecessor. The film begins with both fighters being rushed to a nearby hospital. Rocky is later pressured into having another fight with Apollo Creed. But he has an eye injury, so having a rematch would be incredibly foolish. Despite this, he gets married to Adrien and they have a son, whom they call Rocky. However, Adrien has to work very hard to support Rocky and she goes into a coma. When she wakes up, Adrien encourages her man to "win" by defeating Apollo Creed. My favourite scene is when Rocky is running through Philadelphia with his young fans. This has been parodied so many times in cartoons and commercials. This sequel is pretty much a rehash of the original, but it's still very impressive.

    Rocky III

    I won't deny it. The series got silly after this, but this one does try to emulate the success of the previous films and it pulls this off very nicely at times. This entry to the series is also very sad, yet very exciting in parts. It's worth watching for the appearance of a young Hulk Hogan and the musical contribution by Survivor totally rocks. The main villain is called Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed trains Rocky to fight him in a rematch after Clubber makes a joke out of Rocky in their first encounter.

    Rocky IV

    Pride means a lot to a champion, so Apollo Creed challenges a mean Russian upcomer to a fight, but Apollo acts like a ******* before the bell rings and he ends up being squashed. Following Apollo's funeral, Rocky vows to get revenge. Due to the unfair nature of the Americans, Ivan's managers insist Rocky fight Ivan in Russia, so Rocky goes to Russia and trains very hard, while Ivan uses drugs and expensive equipment to gain more strength. This film has so many goofs involving Apollo Creed, although I never noticed them until it was brought to my attention prior to this review. For example, Apollo tosses some balls while playing with his dogs in his pool, yet the balls then appear in his hands again a few seconds later. Plus, Paulie complains about Rocky's new robot friend Sicko without moving his gums at all. Then while Apollo is being battered by Ivan Drago, Ivan's shirt is rather messy, but a minute later it is clean again. Is that weird or what? Anyway, the fight between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago is actually real and Sylvester Stallone almost died following a serious heart injury. It's a very emotional movie with a great MTV style scene where Rocky is driving around in a fancy car while remembering the highs and lows of his storied life. Although the plot in this film is very predictable, it remains a treat for the fans.

    Rocky V

    This film has recieved some negative reviews over the years, but I kind of like it because it isn't as predictable as the other movies and the same guy who directed the first movie also directed this entry to the series. Sylvester Stallone's Rocky character has to retire because Ivan Drago gave him brain damage following their encounter in Russia. However, Rocky's fortune also goes cheerio thanks to Paulie, so they have to go back to the slums of Philadelphia, where Rocky began his career. But it's rather disheartening to see Rocky living as a bum again.

    His son feels neglected due to the arrival of Tommy Gunn (played by John Wayne's nephew, Tommy Morrison) and father and son no longer bond. This wasn't a perfect closure to the series, nor was it planned out properly. I mean, Rocky's son was much younger in the fourth movie, yet in this film, he is many years older. What the hell? The fifth movie is just days after Rocky's match in Russia, so how did they manage to screw it up? That goof is totally unacceptable.

    Rocky Balboa

    Well, what can I say? Hollywood can't make new movies based around new material so we're gonna have another blast from the past. I am still looking forward to this film, despite a few disappointing changes to the story. I mean, Adrien was always a huge support to Rocky in the other movies, but in this movie she is dead. It may come out in 2007 but I'm not sure. If it has a decent script, I'll be satisfied.

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