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Looking for TV show info (from 1994)


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  • Looking for TV show info (from 1994)

    On my last trip to southern California with my parents and sister (back in 1994), we did the usual: Disneyland, Knott's, Seaworld, San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios, etc. Anyway, when we went to Universal Studios, we decided to go see a taping of "The Suzanne Sommers Show," a talk show hosted by, you guessed it, Suzanne Sommers. That day she had Dick Clarke on as a guest host and her music guest was Ernest "Chubby Checker" Evans (yes, he sang The Twist). There were also two female rap artists but I can't remember who it was (one of them could've been Missy Elliot or someone - can't remember). If I can remember, the topic of discussion that day was the use of foul language in rap lyrics.

    The stage of the show was setup in three sections. The far right was where the band was, the center was where the main talking occurred, and on the left was a kitchen where Suzanne would cook something. My dad decided to sit facing the middle section, but my Mom, sister and I got to sit in the front row, right in front of the kitchen section. When it came time to do the cooking section of the show, just before commercial break the audience got to try samples of the finished product and Suzanne and Dick came to us first. During the commercial break I had a chance to talk with Suzanne, Dick and Chubby. Very nice people and Suzanne actually looked better face-to-face than she did on TV. Funnny thing too, just before the show started, they had Suzanne Sommers trivia and the prize was free Thigh Masters. :-)

    All I know is the show ran for a very short time in syndication, and it was the time when a number of celebrities jumped on the talk show band wagon (like the trend nowadays are reality shows). The show was taped in one of the sound stages to the right of Backdraft (if you are looking at Backdraft from the escalators).

    What I want to know is where would I be able to get a copy of this particular episode of the show? Does anybody know which company produced it?

    I would like to get a copy since I was in the front row and got some air time on TV as well! I never did get to see the finished product as the show never aired here in Canada.

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    Re: Looking for TV show info (from 1994)

    I wish you well, but I don't think you should get your hopes up. Hollywood produces lots of shows that are never picked up by anyone, or die a quick and painful death if they are. Then they disappear. There's no incentive to distribute copies of a show nobody watched.


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      Re: Looking for TV show info (from 1994)

      Usually copies aren't provided. You'll have to record it yourself on something like TiVo or on VHS.

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