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    Well, this is my first new thread and I think this is the right place to put it. I just recently started playing Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure. It's, as my game-literate BF puts it, "Tony Hawk four with Disney characters."

    Now, I'm not very video game literate, having only seriously played a couple Zelda games and Knights of the Old Republic, but I love this game. The soundtrack is annoying except for a few songs, but the way that they integrated the various worlds of the characters into a skater's paradise was just fantastic! You expect to see Tarzn there because he was modeled on skaters as it is, but the Toy Story and Lion King areas are just as fun.

    Not only is the game visually and conceptually fabulous, but the actual game play is nice. I am a spaz when it comes to video games, but the goals on each level range form easy to pretty durn hard and it's nice to have the variety. Especially when you try five million times to collect all the letters of skate in the human camp only to fall miserably, and then grind around all the fire pits. It makes you feel accomplished.

    My question is, has anyone else played this game and if so, what did you think?
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