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  • Interview with Iger

    I have a couple of questions regarding this AP interview... The link below will review the full text, and I will attempt to quote relivant parts...

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    AP: Disney's lucrative deal with Pixar Animation Studios is set to expire soon, and they have said they are talking to other studios about a new distribution deal. Will you seek to restart stalled talks with Pixar CEO Steve Jobs?

    IGER: We did exchange e-mails. I fully expect to talk to him at some point in the future, I can't say when. I certainly feel it's my responsibility to fully explore whether there's a way to continue a relationship with them.

    I have the utmost regard for that organization and for what they've accomplished and tremendous amount of respect for Steve. It would have to be the right deal for the company.
    I wonder if Iger knows he is about to enter a bidding war for Pixar... There are analysts that claim, Pixar is already gone... You can't start a negotiation of this type thinking you are the only player in town...

    I think we may be seeing the last of Pixar... At least in the Disney fold...

    AP: Have you talked to large investors and made any attempts to reach out to (dissident ex-directors) Roy E. Disney and Stanley Gold?

    IGER: I've been talking with our largest shareholders for quite a long period of time -- over a year. I actually have reached out and talked to a number of them this week, those investors that really care long term about the company and that have been willing to participate in free, healthy dialogue over this past 12 months about where this company is today and where it has to go.

    I intend to continue to do that. I'm not going to get any more specific about any one in particular.
    Yeah, right... It is amazing that Iger just spend a minute to tell us "NO..." But he is talking to everyone else trying to defend his CEO position... Including Funds and especially CalPers...

    AP: What do you see as Disney's biggest challenge?

    IGER: Our biggest challenge is to be nimble and to be capable of adapting to a changing environment.
    Uh, Yeah, right again... The problem is that it is an Environment that Eisner created...

    AP: What then is your vision for Disney?

    IGER: I believe that in order to attract and retain great executives, it's very important that we show a trust for them and empower them. But that has to be done in an environment where we are being called upon as chief executives to have shareholder value in mind.

    I also am a person that is accessible and enthusiastic, and I think I'm a very good listener.
    Iger's answer really is to hire people who have vision, because he ain't got any... And then take credit for the success because he listened to them...

    Oh, yeah, that's visonary leadership, alright...
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    Let's give him a chance. He read his script very well and seems to have his priorities straight. My sense is that he knows what he isn't and will do a great job without all the personal vengeance. The expectation for him is rather low, so he could shock everyone with a few great moves. I think he'll do that. If he doesn't, it's on to the next guy and he knows that too. Iger is not dumb.
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      I've said bad things in the past about Iger, but I'm with Cousin Orville on this. Let's hold reservations.

      He might be a great thing for Disney, especially if he proves himself to have balls and forces Eisner completely out after September of this year, saving the company 18 million... at a minimum... that's shareholder value and a new D ticket somewhere.


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        Iger was no where near the best choice for the job (not even in the top 20), and the Disney Board displayed gross incompetence in their "search," but if Iger makes a good choice for his number two (and he needs one) and reaches a mutually beneficial deal with Pixar in the next six months (before he officially takes over from Eisner) then I will back off and I hope other critics will do the same.

        However, the real test will come when he addresses the parks for the first time. Not that I expect him to do this personally, but he needs to put the right people in charge and give them a reasonable amount of funds to do the job, and then he needs to let them do it. However, I'm afraid we'll see more of what we saw for the past five years, where the parks loose funds while ABC continues to be well funded. Just compare the ABC Commessary to the "Big D" at WDI--it's sad.
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          As long as he acknowledges and leaves Matt Oimet alone to do his job as he sees it, I don't care a fig about him one way or the other. To me, it's all about Disneyland...and with out 2D feature production, the rest of the company is bogus BS.


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