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  • Glass Tennis Shoe

    So, I just saw a very amusing commercial yesterday afternoon. What was it? Oh, you may have seen it already once or twice or you probably have heard nothing of it. Either way, let's all discuss shall we?

    I was coming back from the kitchen crossing into my room when I hear the strike of a bell. I paced back and stuck my head out, noticing a familiar clock tower adorned in white against a dark blue backdrop on the living room televison. Well, whadda ya know? It's Disney's Cinderella. But why on earth is it on TV? The clock striked again and the whole scene where dear Cinderella is running out, escaping the ball is set on the screen. The part where she looses one of her slippers came up but instead, it was a sports shoe! Believe me when I say how utterly confused I was. So the scene ended reading these captions: "Without sports, Cinderella would have never escaped the ball. ESPN."

    First of all, when did this first appear? I may be a little late when the thing first appeared. But it's was funny and gave me a good chuckle.
    I lurk.

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    I haven't seen it yet.


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      I saw it, I was suprised that is was so simple and tastefully done.
      "He gets around you know he knows all the pretty girls." ~ Walt Disney


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        Re: Glass Tennis Shoe

        It's been said this year that Disney will promote Cinderella like no other film. The marketing budget is rumored to be $150 million or so, with more tie-ins than any other Disneyfilm. We will be seeing a __lot__ of this lady over the comming months!


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