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What bands/singers/artists do you follow?


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  • What bands/singers/artists do you follow?

    In the "Itunes Pricing" thread it was being discussed how artists are losing $$ because people aren't buying full albums anymore. I made the point that if artists would make "complete" albums I would buy more.

    Then I got to thinking, what bands do I follow that I will blindly go out and buy a new album from them without hearing it first:

    Rush (duh)
    Green Day
    System of a Down
    Barenaked Ladies
    The Choir
    Foo Fighters
    Peter Gabriel
    Genesis (if they would come out with a new album I would buy it)
    Dave Matthews Band (but that is waning as I really haven't been overly impressed with their last few albums)

    There are a few other bands that I will buy albums from but I want to hear the album first. Those would be Depeche Mode and the Cure only because their last few albums have been lackluster.

    So what are the bands you will buy music from sight unseen ... or is it ear unheard?

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    Re: What bands/singers/artists do you follow?

    I can't think of anyone who I would buy without hearing at least a couple of songs first. Even then its not likely.

    I'm a "Greatest Hits" album kinda gal.

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      Re: What bands/singers/artists do you follow?

      This may show again that I am well out of the "target demo", I don't do that for any artist anymore. In the 70's-80's I bought a lot of Aerosmith, ELO, the Eagles and the 90's it was George Strait, Garth Brooks, Reba, and Alabama...along with any new compilations of old favorites ranging from Frank Sinatra to Jim Croce (one of the most underrated singer-songwriters...had he not died so young, his career potential was limitless.
      As I said in the other thread, if I hear something I like on the radio, I'll check out a new LP on I-Tunes and buy one or two songs.
      And my very favorite artist of all time...the one and only Nat "King" Cole...
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        Re: What bands/singers/artists do you follow?

        I don't download and rarely buy. I even more rarely buy with out listening. Amoung the few exceptions are Smashmouth, Bare Naked Ladies or Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.
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          Re: What bands/singers/artists do you follow?

          Peter Gabriel (since the So tour) And I got into alot of his older music.
          I'm still wondering if Genesis and Peter G. are still planning to get together for a reunion album or CD?
          Billy Joel,
          Hootie and the Blowfish

          Lately though I have been listening to Dean Martin, Sinatra and Sammy Davis. Interesting history behind the Rat Pack.
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            Re: What bands/singers/artists do you follow?

            Dave Matthews Band (I love the music, but get sick of the other fans, am I a hypocrite?)
            Beatles - Ok, so no new music coming out, but I'll buy any Beatles album in any form it comes in, (Let it Be...Naked, etc.)
            Barenaked Ladies
            Beastie Boys
            Jack Johnson
            Black Eyed Peas (sorta)
            Eminem (not the past few albums)
            Smashmouth (not recently)
            Red Hot Chili Peppers (not recently)
            Collective Soul (not recently)
            Korn (not recently)
            Metallica (not so much anymore)

            Bands that used to follow/would still follow
            Smashing Pumpkins
            Stone Temple Pilots


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              Re: What bands/singers/artists do you follow?

              Originally posted by TicTocDragon
              I'm still wondering if Genesis and Peter G. are still planning to get together for a reunion album or CD?
              Last I heard they were still working out the details. Peter is working on a new album, Phil is working with his son and his career (VERY good album BTW), Tony and Mike are working on the Remasters.

              From what I understand Phil, Tony and Mike didn't want to do any kind of reunion without Peter (which I LOVE) so once his album is out and he does his tour (they are never THAT long) we could see a Genesis reunion. Whether this will just be a tour or an album/tour remains to be seen. But it's looking at sometime in 2007 it 'could' happen.


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                Re: What bands/singers/artists do you follow?

                There aren't many that I would buy without at least giving it a quick listen. There are a lot that I will by having only heard one or two songs, and knowing that I trust them to have good stuff on the rest of the album, but it's rare that I'll buy without at least some familiarity. The one exception to this is probably the band Sister Hazel. I'm sure they don't get much attention in other areas of the country, but I've been following them since I was a teen and they were still playing free shows for exposure.


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                  Re: What bands/singers/artists do you follow?

                  I don't have a TON of bands that I have to buy their complete albums immediately, but the ones I do are:

                  Depeche Mode
                  Sarah McLachlan
                  Jack Johnson
                  Howie Day
                  Violent Femmes
                  Pink Martini (only two albums, so it's not hard :lmao: )

                  They're also the ones I'll see everytime they're in town, no matter what. I think I've seen Howie Day 7-8 times in three years. If he's in town, I'm there! I check their websites for release dates, concert tours, I consider myself a big fan.

                  I'll buy every one of their albums forever, I think. I even have most Sarah's re-mix albums and some of the extended singles.

                  I have (I'm pretty sure) the entire collection of Depeche Mode...there's a stack of their CD's that I've gotten legally (and probably illegally) over the years. I have all the extended and dance remixes that I know of....and if I haven't heard of them, my friend has and he gets them all for me.

                  The internet...and my iPod won't change that. Especially when it comes to Sarah...I haven't been able to even download her CD's onto my computer. They're all protected and won't download.


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                    Re: What bands/singers/artists do you follow?

                    I don't buy much without hearing *something* of it. That said, the last two cds I bought, were bought unheard- Taiko drumming.

                    For pop music, I like a little bit of everything except the bubble-gum stuff (Britney Spears and all).

                    I've bought Styx albums without hearing the new songs, and I bought the newest Rush hearing only one song, and also Green Day.
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