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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


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  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    In case you hadn't heard, THGTTG is coming out in theaters April 29. Its being released by Touchstone (aka Disney).

    Here's a link to the official movie site.

    I think its going to be good. Any thoughts? On the movie, books, tv show, radio show or Douglas Adams? And does anybody know the question to the ultimate answer of 42? Personally I love the books. Right now I'm halfway through "Life, the Universe and Everything"

    Oh, and figment1986, 6*9=54. I thought the answer to the ultimate question was 42.

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    No one has figured it out.. Acording to the book... 6*9=42.... (I believe it does in a different form of math using some code.. maby bionary??)

    I have been saying this for long time.. Can't wait for movie...
    (hence why i bring up the "millieway's" resturaunt concept for Disneyland's TL & Disney MGM Studios...)

    Newest and great trailer...
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      I love the trailers for this movie I can't wait untill it comes out.

      Do you think it will out sell Episode 3?
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        Epsidode will come out after this movie.. (April right??)

        Can't wait..
        Newst trialer...


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          They redid the movie site. It was different a day or two ago. I'm not sure I like the new site as much.


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            well.. this site was relased on the 42nd day before the movie was to be released....


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                I'll go see it, but I really don't trust Hollywood to capture the humor of the book. It'll probably be full of stupid visual or slapstick, to better suit its ignorant American audience.
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                  Well, the cast is largely british, and with such a huge following, I doubt they will try and depart from the book too much- Disney usually does a decent job of bringing books to the screen.

                  As fo the release date, I should know this since I work for BV, but I believe it comes out a few weeks apart from Star Wars, I am sure they are styaing away from it since they have such similar audiences.
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                    Didn't Douglas Adams have a large hand in writing the screenplay before his passing?

                    I think it looks like it's going to be pretty good. I'm especially loving Alan Rickman as Marvin. Alan Rickman makes any movie he's in more awesome!


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                      ^^April 29

                      < SO at the theatre
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                        Originally posted by figment1986
                        No one has figured it out.. Acording to the book... 6*9=42.... (I believe it does in a different form of math using some code.. maby bionary??)

                        6*9=42 in base 13. Let me (try to) explain:

                        In base-10, the "5" in the number "54" has a base-10 value of "5 multiplied by ten", or 50, thus "6*9=54" is true in base 10. However, the number "4" in the base-13 number "42" has a value of "4 multiplied by 13", or 52. Thusly "42" in base-13 has a base-10 value of 52+2, or 54.

                        I've never read HGTTG, I had a friend in HIgh School that swore by it, but given my current line of work, the idea of destroying the earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass seems quite appealing .......
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                          After reading the books, watching the BBC series, playing the text based game....I'm prepared to be disappointed with the movie - Zaphod with only one head? I mean Really!! Of course, I'm a book snob, I'm the one who almost Always says "It was better in the book!"

                          Will I see it? Of course! How Else can I compare it to the book!

                          -So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

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                            It's a "bypass" not an "expressway" and (as mentioned above) TWO, count them TWO heads.
                            "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."

                            -Mark Twain


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                              Originally posted by Moonliner
                              It's a "bypass" not an "expressway" and (as mentioned above) TWO, count them TWO heads.
                              Moonliner, what trailer did you watch? The one I saw had Zaphod with One head and Three arms!

                              War is over if you want it...

                              Peace - Love - Mickey Mouse


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