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Toy Fair 2006!


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  • Toy Fair 2006!

    If you are a toyfan, this is your Christmas, Birthday, Fourth of July, Mardi Gras and Halloween wrapped up into one! Its Toy Fair 2006. Every year in New York all the major toy companies gather and preview all the juicy new toys for the coming year.

    This year has a certain buzz as the top dog in the industry for the last few years- Toy Biz has lost its liscense for Marvel Toys to Hasbro. This means all those Spiderman/X-men/Fantastic Four/Marvel Legends toys might be changing come 2007.

    In other terms the big key note of the convention was the return of Barbie's ex-boyfriend Ken who has gone metro. Mattel who makes Ken has also gotten involved with DC over the last few years and to fight back against the onslaught Marvel has had in the market place, Mattel has rebranded a new line of 6 inch DC heroes, some already available at retail.

    So I thought I would post some new pics in here in the near future when I have a chance but in the meantime let me direct you to two sites

    First and foremost this is a great resource for toy news and for those looking to buy or sell.

    The other which is more comic book oriented is

    Try em out!-Tom

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    Re: Toy Fair 2006!

    Metro Ken.....I think Ken is mor or less swinging for skipper


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      Re: Toy Fair 2006!

      ^ not skipper, it's alan his long time pal
      aka Sara

      :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

      One of my children
      isn't pictured,

      ABE is still hibernating :sleep:


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        Re: Toy Fair 2006!

        I have seen some pictures from the fair. They got some really neat stuff. Master Replica has Pirates stuff like Jacks sword, gun, coin from the first movie, compass, keys, and Jacks ring. It all looks really great. They also have Nightmare Before Christmas Jack with 12 heads that you can change with different expressions. Really neat stuff this year. Also great Star Wars stuff.



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          X-Men Toy Faire 2006

          So probably the best news to come out of this Toy Fare is that Toybiz has wised up to movie based toys and in lieu of us getting X-Men 3 we are getting a line of super stylized toys somewhat based on the movies, based somewhat from comic books and very much inspired from the Ultimate line of books.

          Out already in retail we have two versions of Wolverine, A repainted white costume version of Storm, a rereleased Archangel toy, a lame armored Cyclops, a ultimate/movie based Mageneto and a stealth Beast who comes in old school style and new cat face. Oh and a rereleased Gambit, not very good toy at all.

          Coming soon in wave 2: Juggernaut (Movie inspired), Angel, House of M Wolverine, Super Stealth Cyclops, Tech Beast and a rereleased Phoniex toy

          Wave 3: Uncanny Rogue, Ultimate Nightcrawler, Avalanche, Ultimate Sabertooth, Astonishing Colossus and my favorite- a new iceman in 3 versions: Regular with ice slide, uniced Bobby Drake human form and an Ultimate version...yippie!


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            Fantastic Four Classics Toy Fair 2006!

            This are some purdy toys alright

            Wave 1: (Out now) Ultimate Human Torch, Superskrull, Thing and Pseudo Ultimate Mr. Fantastic

            Wave 2: Ultimate Human Torch- Johnny version and half on fire, Sue Storm, Ultimate Thing, Kane and the Dragon


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              Re: Toy Fair 2006!

              Oh and Marvel Legends 13

              and 14

              I won't even try to list all these!

              I promise one of these days I will post pictures of my collection on here somewhere!


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                Re: Toy Fair 2006!

                Originally posted by Where's Barbie?
                ^ not skipper, it's alan his long time pal
                Oh sorry alan

                Oh and Ilove all that replica stuff


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                  Re: Toy Fair 2006!

                  My sister is at ToyFair right now! Lucky!
                  A signature should go here.


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