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Do not go to Disney Land - Mena FN - 2/14/2006

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  • Do not go to Disney Land - Mena FN - 2/14/2006

    Very soon, you can go to "Dubai Land" instead. The biggest amusement and theme park in the world will be right next door, with double the size and hopefully the magic of Disney World. This should be welcomed in a region that lacks in children entertainment. Mediocre amusement parks are the most one hopes for, unless willing to make a long trip either to Paris Disney or to Hong Kong. This is all about to change.

    Dubai land is being created to appeal to the widest audience of tourists, covering all age groups, nationalities, and activities.

    The park will cater to the entertainment of the fifteen million tourists Dubai is targeting by 2010. In its implementation of a tourism strategy towards becoming the leisure and entertainment hub for the Middle East and a world class tourists destination.

    The work at Dubailand consists of forty five mega-projects and two hundred subprojects, and will be built on two billion square feet of land. The scope of the project contains a multitude of attractions including a space exploration exhibition, full-size dinosaur enclosure, an equestrian centre, aviation display, modern art gallery, water amusement park, multi-cultural garden complex, and the largest zoo in the Middle East. It will even have replicas of the Pyramids and an ecological dome and host the biggest shopping mall in the world, The Mall of Arabia.

    The attractions will be grouped into six themed areas which are: Attractions & Experience World, Sports & Outdoor World, Eco-Tourism World, Themed Leisure & Vacation World, Retail & Entertainment World and Downtown. To accommodate the 200,000 daily visitors, the project will construct fifty new world class hotels and resorts.

    The project, which underwent two years of intensive studies and research, is already in progress and will take between 10 and 15 years to complete. However, some of the attractions will be operational as early as 2008.

    The $700 million primary infastructure development phase will be financed by the government. Afterwards they will allow the local, regional and international private sector establishments to benefit from the investment opportunities the project offers. Some estimates forecast private investment in the project at $10 billion. Once fully operational in 2018, Dubailand is expected to employ around 300,000 employees.
    Details : Click here

    Source : Mena FN