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    I have just finished Part One: Millenium Approaches, and read up to Act 3 of Part Two: Perestroika. Words cannot describe what I have read. It is just amazing. Has anyone else read/seen the play or HBO Films Event?? I'm curious to see if others were just as blown away by this play as I am.

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    I've read part one, and I'm gonna get to read and see all of it for one of my classes this semester! I can't wait!


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      I know they're techically two sepparate plays, but as soon as I finished Part One, I had to start Part Two. I don't think I could see the entire thing in "shifts" as they usually do. It is a seven hour show, but I think it should almost be continuous.


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        I've seen the film. It's good, but it is reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllly long.


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          I did watch the HBO film, and prefer the first half to the second half. The first half was completely magical, though.


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            I enjoyed Part Two much more. It really showed the downfall of society, wheras Millenium was just building up to the fall. I really like how there are only 8 characters playing other roles symbolically. It's truly a brilliant play.


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              I have the DVD, and I enjoyed the film very much. I didn't know much about it before I saw it, but I was hooked once I did.
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