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Walt Disney Treasures: What's Missing?


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  • Walt Disney Treasures: What's Missing?

    Well, for all you die hard fans of the Walt Disney Treasures, I have the rest of the animated shorts list that is not on any of the Disney Treasures yet, surely some will come out in the next waves but some won't come out at all. They are all under categories:

    None of these have came out, these are my rumored sets:

    Disney Rarities Volume 2
    Hot Chocolate Soldiers
    Scrooge McDuck and Money
    Casey Bats Again
    Susie the Little Blue Coupe
    It’s Tough to be a Bird!
    How to Catch a Cold
    Chicken in the Rough
    Two Chips and a Miss
    The Lone Chipmunks
    Figaro and Cleo
    Figaro and Frankie
    Goofy’s Freeway Trouble
    Donald in Mathmagic Land
    Donald and the Wheel
    Steal and America
    Donald’s Survival Plan
    Alice Comedies
    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Cartoons

    The Chronological Donald Volume 3: 1947-1950
    Straight Shooters
    Sleepy Time Donald
    Clown of the Jungle
    Donald’s Dilemma
    Crazy with the Heat
    Bootle Beetle
    Wide Open Spaces
    Chip n’ Dale
    Drip Dippy Donald
    Daddy Duck
    Donald’s Dream Voice
    The Trial of Donald Duck
    Inferior Decorators
    Soup’s On
    Three for Breakfast
    Tea for Two Hundred
    Donald’s Happy Birthday
    Sea Salts
    Winter Storage
    Honey Harvester
    In a Nutshell
    The Greener Yard
    Slide, Donald, Slide
    Toy Tinkers
    Lion Around
    Crazy Over Daisy
    Trailer Horn
    Hook, Line and Sinker
    Bee at the Beach
    Out on a Limb

    The Chronological Donald Volume 4: 1951-1965
    Dude Duck
    Corn Chips
    Test Pilot Donald
    Lucky Number
    Out of Scale
    Bee on Guard
    Donald’s Applecore
    Let’s Stick Together
    Uncle Donald’s Ants
    Trick or Treat
    Don’s Fountain of Youth
    The New Neighbor
    Rugged Bear
    Working for Peanuts
    Canvas Back Duck
    Spare the Rod
    Donald’s Diary
    Dragon Around
    Grin and Bear It
    The Flying Squirrel
    Grand Canyonscope
    No Hunting
    Bearly Asleep
    Beezy Bear
    Up a Tree
    Chips Ahoy
    How to Have an Accident at Home
    How to Have an Accident at Work
    The Litterbug

    The Complete Pluto Volume 2: 1947-1951
    Rescue Dog
    Mail Dog
    Pluto’s Blue Note
    Bone Bandit
    Pluto’s Purchase
    Cat Nap Pluto
    Pluto’s Fledgling
    Pueblo Pluto
    Pluto’s Surprise Package
    Pluto’s Sweater
    Bumble Bee
    Sheep Dog
    Pluto’s Heart Throb
    Pluto and the Gopher
    Wonder Dog
    Primitive Pluto
    Pets of the West
    Food for Fuedin’
    Camp Dog
    Cold Storage
    Cold Turkey

    Silly Symphonies Volume 2
    El Terrible Toreador
    Hell’s Bells
    The Merry Dwarfs
    Cannibal Capers
    Frolicking Fish
    Arctic Antics
    Midnite in a Toy Shop
    Monkey Melodies
    Playful Pan
    The Cat’s out
    The Clock Store
    The Fox Hunt
    The Spider and the Fly
    The Bird Store
    The Bears and Bees
    King Neptune
    Bugs in Love
    Santa’s Workshop
    Birds in the Spring
    Old King Cole
    The Pied Piper
    The Night before Christmas
    The China Shop
    The Goddess of Spring
    The Orphan Kittens
    Cok o’ the Walk
    Broken Toys
    Three Blind Mousketeers
    More Kittens
    Little Hiawatha
    The Moth and the Flame
    Mother Goose Goes Hollywood

    137 Cartoons in all
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    Re: Walt Disney Treasures: What's Missing?

    Great list! Thanks for compiling! I hope they release EVERYTHING!! I so love those DVDs!


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      Re: Walt Disney Treasures: What's Missing?

      Casey Bats Again is on DVD - I can't remember which DVD collection its in - but it HAS been released.

      I'd love a Treasures collection of the Anniversary specials from the parks. Also, One Man's Dream is an excellent special and should be seen by more people. (funny sidenote - Christian Hoff who played young Walt in that special is now all grown up and in Jersey Boys on Broadway!)
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        Re: Walt Disney Treasures: What's Missing?

        I hope Wave 6 Contains Zorro, Song of the South, Silly Symphonies Volume 2, and The Chronological Donald Volume 2.
        "Walt Disney World may have more than Disneyland, but Disneyland has quality, and quality triumphs over quantity" -DL_CRAZE


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          Re: Walt Disney Treasures: What's Missing?

          I would love to see a collection of Mouse Factory episodes. It was a syndicated series from the mid-70's with a different celebrity host each week. Much of the material was repackaged from earlier episodes of The Wonderful World of Color/Disney, but the intros were pure cheese. Fans of 70's era celebs such as Charles Nelson Reilly, Phyllis Diller and Ken Berry will not be disappointed. The closing theme was a quirky version of "Minnie's Yoo Hoo" that I can still hear in my head to this day. Good stuff.
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            Re: Walt Disney Treasures: What's Missing?

            I'd love to see a Walt Disney Treasures DVD about WDW.


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              Re: Walt Disney Treasures: What's Missing?

              I read on another site that the next wave of Treasures is rumoured to contain another Silly Symphonies tin and a tin of the Hardy Boys serial from the original MMC.
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                Re: Walt Disney Treasures: What's Missing?


                Last Friday, we passed along information that the first season of "The Mickey Mouse Club" serial The Hardy Boys was expected to be making its way to DVD in this year's wave of Walt Disney Treasures. We've now gotten confirmation of this, as well as new information on the three other Treasures sets that are due, from a forum post made by someone involved in their production. The post hints that follow-up sets Silly Symphonies, Volume 2 and The Complete Pluto, Volume 2 are definitely in place, while the fourth set, tentatively titled Your Host, Walt Disney is currently in the process of having anthology episodes selected which prominently feature Walt himself beyond the introduction. Read the post and share your thoughts right here on the UD forum. Click here for more on the expected Wave 6 Treasures.


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