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Longtime California Radio Host Dies


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  • Longtime California Radio Host Dies

    I just wanted to post this thread in honor of a man that I worked with in Ventura, California radio for more than 15 years.

    Dave Ciniero, best known as the host of the locally very popular "Dave and Bob" morning show for more than 21 years, passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack just after midnight, Friday morning Februray 17.

    I worked with him at KVEN 1450 AM as the morning sports update man from 1984 to 1999, when they took their show cross town to KVTA.

    From the story in the LA Times today (2/18):

    Dave and I were never close on a personal level. He was always one of those great performer types that was really outgoing when the "mic" was on, but had a harder time socially off the air.

    Still, listeners loved him and he did a lot of great work for local charities on and off the air.

    And you don't work with a guy for 15 years, and not feel it when something like this happens.

    And radio as a whole is worse off for Dave Ciniero's passing.
    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Re: Longtime California Radio Host Dies

    :ap: I am sad to hear this. I did not listen to them often, but I did from time to time. And you are right it is very rough to lose a co-worker to death. A co-worker of mine passed away suddenly a few years ago, one whom I greatly respected, it hurt. :ap:
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