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Disney's fair share?


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  • Disney's fair share?

    Allow me to expand, I believe there are great Disney movies out there that have gone unnoticed and swept under the rug, be it because of a bigger movie opening at the same time or just poor advertisement. One movie inpaticular, I would say is Disney's Flubber, starring Robin Williams.

    I love this remake of an old Disney clasic and think they should re-release it with outtakes and all the goodies.

    I also think that Disney should also consider remaking other great movies like, The Cat From Outerspace and how about The Apple Dumpling Gang.

    So what say you? Which other Disney films do think did not get there fair share at the box office? And which old Classic would you like to see re-made?
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    Re: Disney's fair share?

    Escape From Witch Mountain is a favorite of mine also Return To Witch Mountain both should be rerealeased (a remake might be good depending on who you cast for it). Tron and Black Hole get no respect. I would love to see them either rereleased or even maybe remade or in the case of Tron a sequal like Tron 2.0 or something like that. Tron and Black Hole both have good ride possibilities too. Tron would make for a super cool dark ride. Black Hole could make for a great dark ride or even an awesome themed inside coaster type ride (ala Space Mountain or RnR).
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