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Who should run Disney?


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  • Who should run Disney?

    This topic has been discussed alot and Bob Iger is the new man. Who do you think should hold the reins? Maybe you liked Michael Eisner? Maybe a Disney Character should run it?

    If you could choose someone (or a partnership) today who would it be?

    I start by saying...

    John Lassiter with Bob Iger and a new board of directors.
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    Unfortunately I have never been very up on Disney politics. I just know NOT EISNER.

    Is there anyone in the Disney family who would be capable of handling it and doing a good job? I think it would be nice if there could be a Disney name in there, and probably make Walt happy -if such a person exists.
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      ...Brad Bird.
      That or whoever's head of Pixar. I forget his name.
      I lurk.


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        Steve Jobs


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          All of us here in Micechat would be the perfect choice...don't ya think?
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          it's what they are like in their HEART!

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            Originally posted by Engination
            Steve Jobs
            I have to disagree here. While Steve (CEO of Pixar) has proven to be a formidable and insightful business man in the way he has steered his two companies, Pixar and Apple Computer to recent success, I cant believe that he would be a good choice to lead a company as diverse as Disney. With our hands in everything from childrens toys to ABC tv, I believe that someone with experience in ALL of these lines of business would be vastly preferable.
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              they need to hide some golden tickets in food products in the park, give a tour of the park to the kids that find the tickets, and pick an innocent, loving child to run the company...

              everyone over the age of 9 (including michael Jackson) is not elligible...


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                how about me???

                and all you Disney enthusiastics join me...It would be great!
                The park would be spotless and in perfect repair, all attractions would live up to Walt's dream.

                hey who pays more attention to the minute details than we do?

                (ok daydream over, but that would be a dream come true)


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                  I vote for Kermit the Frog.

                  I would have said mickey...but he's just a cartoon


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                    My vote is for a rather obscure gentleman named John Thompson, who rose to head of purchasing for Disney, and had worked for him from before the DL opening.

                    While retired now, he had a good feel for the books, and knew the difference between what was right, and what worked, and what was wrong, and what didn't work.

                    He's also an old friend...


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                      The Imagineers!


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                        I thought that Peter Chernin (President of News Corp) should have gotten the job... His name was on the short list... But it meant completely changning all the managers undernieth him... Eisner's board would not have like that...
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                          I would choose Steve Jobs or Matt.


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                            Katzenburg and Ovitz :bow:
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                              The Imagineers!
                              I second that!
                              Anyone up for a Colorado Micechatters meet-up?

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                                Steve Jobs
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                                  You know, I'm a big save disney supporter.
                                  I am also reading Disney War.
                                  I don't think Bob Iger is the best choice, BUT I haven't given him a chance.
                                  Maybe he'll do some good things, get Pixar back, focus on the parks, etc.....

                                  If anything (in my opinion) we need a new board and NO MICHAEL EISNER!!
                                  He did some good things with Wells and Katzenberg, but he needs to move on...

                                  I think the best thing for the Walt Disney Company would be new blood.


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                                    I agree with the "wait & see" for Bob Iger. I've always sort of though Katzenberg would be a good choice. I doubt if he's interested anymore, though.
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                                      First Choice...

                                      John Lasseter, CEO; Steve Burke, President & COO; - both reporting to the board.

                                      ..and Judson Green as CFO

                                      with Andrea Vandekamp (sp?) as Board Chair

                                      I just don't think you can get any better than that!

                                      But if the board were going to pick an inside candidate it should have been Dick Cook.


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                                        Someone with an artist's eye, a sense of humor, grandeur and humility, a feel for the land (all of it, not just L.A. and New York), and the memory it's family that matters. How about Walt Disney?


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