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"Housewives" Desperate for Lation flavor - yahoo! February 24, 2006

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  • "Housewives" Desperate for Lation flavor - yahoo! February 24, 2006

    "Housewives" Desperate for Latin Flavor
    By Sarah Hall Fri Feb 24, 5:46 PM ET

    Desperate Housewives knows no cultural boundaries.
    Buena Vista International Television Latin America announced plans Thursday to produce four new versions of the Golden Globe-winning series in Spanish and Portuguese.

    Each version of the show will have its own cast and cultural allusions, though the underlying plot will stay true to the format of the original series.

    The Spanish versions of the show, titled Amas de casas desesperadas, will air in Colombia, Argentina and Ecuador and the Portuguese version, titled Donas de casa desesperadas, will air in Brazil.

    "The script of the series perfectly fit the profile of what the Latin American audience looks for," Fernando Barbosa, senior vice president of Buena Vista International Television Latin America, said in a statement. "It looks similar to the telenovelas."

    A sound stage in Buenos Aires will serve as the Wisteria Lane setting for all four versions. However, the neighborhood will be slightly more exclusive than its American counterpart.
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