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The Adventures of Brer Rabbit


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  • The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

    Has anyone else heard of this? I just saw a commercial for it. Do you think this means we might be closer to releasing Song of the South?
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    Re: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit, says it is a Universal Studios release, I wonder if it will have any controversy.


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      Re: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

      Iger put to rest all of the rumors of a Song of the South re-release but saying it won't happen. However the Brer Rabbit sequel will happen.


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        Re: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

        You know yesterday morning I saw that commercial of the adventures of brer rabbit on the disney channel, and my mouth pratically hit the floor, since when did they decided to make cartoons with that bunch again. Unless it must have been one of eisner's last laugh before departing! But the one thing i am REALLY thankful for is Lasseter pulled the plug immediately on toy story 3, could not even imagine that mess


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          Re: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

          I totally agree with you on that...I don't know what this...this...I don't even know what to call it without swearing!!!!!!! The original is probably so much better than that cheap new thing, I don't understand this at all. And it has Nick Cannon, Danny Glover, and Wanda Sykes in it-that just makes it worse. I feel like, sure, if you make money off it, you're not gonna complain about it being racist...I want5 the original Song of the South!!!!!!!! *Whew* I feel better for venting, even though I doubt I made any sense.
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            Re: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

            Well the film is not Disney...Why was it aired on Disney Channel? I don't know. Maybe during the negotions with Oswald, Disney worked out a deal with Universal to advertise some of their stuff on Disney Channel....Since Universal owns NBC and NBC owned Oswald.

            But their won't be any controversies in this film because Uncle Remus was not involved in it. The controversy in Walts Song of the South revolved around the Uncle Remus character because he was a happy slave....Or was it he was a happy free slave? Well the NAACP boycotted the film because they believed that Walt was making slavery seem like nothing.
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              Re: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

              I saw the video for it on a Target shelf... My jaw dropped...

              They know how popular Song of the South is, and likely had corporate intelligence to move in...

              The question is what will Disney do now... It is an interesting story...

              I would not be surprised if the movie gets chopped up into a series of shorts... And released in that fashion...
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                Re: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

                i saw the dvd at costco yesterday. i had to do a double-take, although i could tell the characters didn't have the disney look. i hadn't heard anything about it before i saw it at the store, so i'm assuming it was straight to video.

                i agree with DW that the reason "song of the south" isn't going to be released (at least unedited) is due to the uncle remus character. obviously disney is ok with the brer rabbit, fox & bear characters since they use them for splash mountain.


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