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Get set for Titanic experience - The Electric New paper - 3/15/2006


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  • Get set for Titanic experience - The Electric New paper - 3/15/2006

    IMAGINE finding yourself as the lead character in an interactive movie on a 40m-tall video screen.
    Artist's impression of the exterior of iPort. The video cyclone (below left) will offer visitors an interactive video experience. --Pics/MINDY TAN
    Or dining in a restaurant that is designed to replicate the Titanic movie experience.
    These are some attractions that you could expect if Harrah's Entertainment were to win the bid for the Marina Bay Integrated Resort.
    Harrah's, which acquired Caesar's Entertainment in last October, announced its plans for the bid in Las Vegas this morning (Singapore time) at The Colosseum in Caesar's Palace.
    At the event, Harrah's introduced James Cameron, the Oscar-winning director of Titanic, as the creator of this indoor entertainment marvel.
    If this project comes true, Cameron said it would be a milestone in his career.
    Cameron told The New Paper: 'When you envision the concept so clearly you can see it in your head, it's almost like a curse if you can't create it.'
    The proposed building is 16-storey-tall but will feature only six levels inside. It will have a total of 93,000 sq m of space.

    Termed as the 'iPort' building, the centre atrium is the 'Media Canyon' - billed as the first in the world.
    The public can move up and down this iPort through a low-incline ramp system that winds its way through the building.
    The iPort would have a wireless technology interface that Cameron calls an 'experimental social matrix'.
    He revealed that visitors can explore the space on their own and then, using technology within the building, send SMSes to friends or send each other pictures.
    Added the director: 'Kids would rather text each other than see each other. It's addressing a social paradigm.'
    Other attractions planned include a 150-passenger ride system that allows you to travel in sync with the action on a video screen.
    There will also be a Titanic portal - a dining room that aims to create the ultimate dating experience, based on the Titanic movie.
    There will be a special effects area where one can witness the boiler room, and experience the moment where the ship hits the iceberg.
    Another proposed attraction is Singapore Odyssey where the audience will be seated on a suspended platform and watch a simulated movie that takes them from the past to the present.
    During the finale, the screen will open up to reveal a live, panoramic view of the Singapore skyline.
    Harrah's corporate director, Mr Alberto Lopez, said the interactive iPort building will appear to be like 'Mona Lisa talking to you'.
    The building is the centrepiece of the family component Harrah's has for the IR bid, although Centre Pompidou will also attract families.
    The whole project will be called Caesar's Singapore and will have the luxury feel of Caesar's Palace in LV.
    If it does not win the bid, Harrah's has no plans to extend this concept to its other properties, which includes hotel casinos in the Bahamas and in Spain.
    Source : The Electric New Paper

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