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do you think disney channel should...(show classics)


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  • do you think disney channel should...(show classics)

    im so exited about tonight because it will be the first time in 2 years that i will be seeing alice in wonderland... its on disney channel tonight... do you think that disney channel should show the classic disney animated movies and cartoons more (not just as a special occasion where they have nothing else to show)... disney makes an attempt at this at least once a year (last years attempt was sleeping beauty) and they are trying to show these movies to a teen demographic (i would wacth the channel so much more if they would keep doing this)... by the way... have you guys ever noticed that disney shows the classic animated movies that have just been realeased on dvd (possibly a advertising technique...

    any way... alice in wonderland... tonight... at 8 on dinsey channey

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    They should show classics on... and have a time for the tween/teens to watch....


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      I wish they'd show classic Wonderful World of Disney shows, introduced by Walt himself. I'd like to see them all again, from the live nature shows to Ludwig von Drake.
      More classic movies, too, please!

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        They used to show them all. It was on "Vault Disney" (Disney channel). I don't know if it is still on since Comcast stopped sending out schedules, but when it was on at 11:00 pm, I would watch it every night. Then it switched to midnight, then 1:00 am and then I said forget it.

        Our family favorite was the show "Chico, the wayward coyote" or something like that. Every time that we see a coyote on the hillside, the kids call it Chico!

        The Vault Disney show is also where I saw the opening day show on TV for the first time and all of the other first broadcasts from the Park. Great shows!.


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          it aint on anymore.. now they just show the tween shows at night....

          (they should have a valt disney channel...)


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            from the live nature shows to Ludwig von Drake.
            Heck yes! I need more Ludwig in my life...
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              Originally posted by IndyJn511
              Heck yes! I need more Ludwig in my life...
              I agree Indy!!

              Haha! Yes I remember Vault Disney. I have part of one of the nights taped. They used to talk about Disney Legends in little segments too. I remember it because when I went to the studios I saw the place they were talking about. Too bad it was on when I was too young to stay up that late. I mainly watched in the summer. ;/


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                The Disney Channel has taken a turn for the worst. I see more Disney movies on the Hallmark Channel. Rarely any classic movies or cartoons, it's sad.

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                  Originally posted by Momzilla59
                  I wish they'd show classic Wonderful World of Disney shows, introduced by Walt himself. I'd like to see them all again, from the live nature shows to Ludwig von Drake.
                  More classic movies, too, please!
                  ah yes. Nature shows. There's nothing like filmmakers expoilting lemmings...


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                    I agree! When they removed Vault Disney from the line up I wrote to the channel to suggest a Classic Disney Channel since they had the regular channel and a Toon Disney Channel. Why not go for lucky three?! But I got the usual blow off letter. I still think it would be the best idea though! There is plenty of programming there for an entire channel, both the old classics as well as the many documentaries they used to air in the 80s on The Disney Channel (back when it was superb). Oooh if only! But then again I would be glued to the television.


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                      I absolutely do not watch The Disney Channel unless, they have a movie I haven't bought on Dvd, Or haven't seen yet. (Directv)
                      Vault Disney was the only thing I ever watched on a regular basis. I always enjoyed seeing and hearing Walt welcome everyone to another episode, show Etc.
                      Also I would also like to see alot of the nature reels I saw in high school & on The Disney Channel.
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                        The Disney Channel hasn't been good in years. Once they dumped the Vault Disney programming (after having banished it to late night/early morning hours), they lost all credibility. A properly presented Classic Disney Channel, akin to Turner Classic Movies or Fox Movie Channel, is highly warranted and would DEFINITELY -- I repeat, DEFINITELY -- be greeted with a huge TV audience (provided it was advertised well enough). Not only are there the True Life Adventures and various educational shorts (like the Jiminy Cricket "I'm No Fool" series), but the Disney vaults have tons of made-for-TV films and specials. Heck, all they have to do is show the entire Disney anthology series, from 1954 to 1983, as originally broadcast, along with the Zorro series, and I'm hooked like a starving catfish. Do that and show more of the lesser-known classic animated shorts and live action features and it'll be one of my primary channels.

                        I'm just amazed that Disney could actually screw up something so RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE as programming a classic TV channel. They could very easily do it with very little cost and only a modicum of fanfare and it'd be one of their biggest media revenue streams, I guarantee it. The American TV viewing public is STARVED for classic Disney programming, absolutely famished for it! So's the film audience. In fact, I think they need to create a Walt Disney Classics Division where the Disney Film and Television legacy is maintained with dignity and respect, while letting the young turk TV execs and producers in the company do newer, hipper-and-edgier family-oriented projects in another division, with its own channel. If they're good enough, they'll get noticed plenty.

                        At the bottom of Disney movie posters, for years, there was always the slogan "LOOK TO THE NAME WALT DISNEY FOR THE FINEST IN FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT". Disney films were always very reliable in their quality. One doesn't quite get the same sense of Disney being so reliable today. And I gotta say that I really miss that. The company needs to recapture that. Desperately.

                        I mean, if they're not going to be putting it out on DVD anytime soon, then it needs to be shown regularly on TV (show it anyway!). I'll be honest - I'm particularly anxious to see an episode of Disneyland from 1958 called "Magic Highway, U.S.A.". I'd also like to see the theme park-oriented episodes of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color.
                        My fondest memory of Walt Disney was the day Disneyland opened....I was standing next to him - I was 12 years old - he was looking at the gate where people were coming through, he had his hands behind his back, he had a grin from ear to ear, but you could see the lump in his throat and the tear coming down his cheek because his dream had been realized. -- Mouseketeer Sharon Baird, "Mouseke-Memories", Walt Disney Treasures: The Mickey Mouse Club


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                          I am not sure how big the market for "classic" Disney stuff is on TV... much of it is very good, yes, but alot of it isn't great... we're just sentimental for it. (Please don't flame me!)

                          Obviously there is a big demand for some of the Animated titles, I mean Bambi sold 1 million copies in its first day... yeah it was small compared to The Incredibles, but people still do love the Animation... and I think it's sad that so much of the animation has been lost. Even Toon Disney which ran a good mix of classic animation and "recent classic" TV shows (DuckTales, etc) has just become the channel for Reruns of Tween "zoog" Disney shows.

                          Disney is really just trying to do the same thing Nickelodeon is doing... is it working? I don't know what their ratings are, to be honest with you. Some of the shows have been pretty enjoyable. I have enjoyed Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Kim Possible, and Dave the Barbarian, on several occasions... but I think that a mix of programming, if done correctly, could make one good Disney channel...

                          Honestly, I love DVD, and I don't care if it's ever on TV, as long as I can own it forever on a shiny disc. :-D

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                            For the record.... I watched The Great Mouse Detective this morning.... it was awesome!
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                              Vault Disney was wonderful! It was the first time
                              I ever had a chance to watch the original Mickey Mouse Club.

                              And I enjoyed seeing those episodes of The Wonderful World of
                              Disney, that was originally on in the 60's and 70's. The episodes
                              that were actually filmed at Disneyland were the absolute best,
                              the Osmonds and the opening of the Haunted Mansion. Of course
                              there's an episode showing the opening of Pirates.

                              They even showed the tv show with Drew Barrymore and the
                              opening of EPCOT.

                              And I would really like to see them show some of the tv specials
                              they had on in the 90's. I LOVED the DL 35th tv special with
                              Tony Danza on the Jungle Cruise. And don't forget 4th of July
                              specials they had, Easter specials, etc.
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                                I remember the WDW episode with Drew and Danny Kaye. They have recent ones that we happened to catch but have never seen again (Tomorrow Land re-opening, Christmas in the Park). The travel channel has had some good ones as well. The Cruise ships, WDW X-mas, MGM studios and I'm sure others that I have missed.

                                Plenty of material to support another channel or at least ressurect the Vault Disney at a reasonable hour.


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                                  I would love to see more classic Disney programming on TV like Vault Disney used to be, but I think they are making more money from the fans who want this by releasing them on DVD now. I know I've been buying quite a few. I bought Lt. Robin Crusoe USN just yesterday.

                                  By releasing them on DVD they can satisfy the collectors and the folks demanding this programming, yet keep their tween programming in place on television to further that market and keep those fans satisfied.

                                  Notice how little of the tween shows are available on DVD? The classic market and the tween market are two different animals. When the tweens become the classic market, they'll release the shows on DVD for them too, by which time the TV network will have moved on to other programming again.


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                                    the problem with those dvd's is that with my age group (16) if you buy one of those dvd's your parents think your too old and everyone else thinks its freaky


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