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Pixar set to "Meet the Robinsons" - Jim Hill Media, 3/16/06


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  • Pixar set to "Meet the Robinsons" - Jim Hill Media, 3/16/06

    The folks from Pixar "Meet the Robinsons"
    by Jim Hill - 03-16-06
    Full Story at

    You know, no one in Hollywood ever wants to admit that their film may be in trouble. Out of concern as to what that particular piece of information might then do to that motion picture's long-term box office prospects.

    So -- earlier this month -- when the Walt Disney Company quietly revealed that it was changing "Meet the Robinsons" 's release date from December 15, 2006 to March 30, 2007, Mouse House officials were quick to poo-poo the idea that this Stephen Anderson film might be in trouble.

    When asked why the film's release date was being pushed back by some three-and-a-half-months, they tried to put a positive spin on the story. Insisting that "Meet the Robinsons" was just being pulled out of the crowded 2006 Holiday field so that this WDFA film could then take advantage of a wide open release date in late March of 2007.

    In short, this was strictly a strategic move on Disney's part. It had absolutely nothing to do with any story problems that this Stephen Anderson film was rumored to have had.

    Well, if that were really the case ... Then why was a copy of "Meet the Robinsons" reportedly shipped off to Emeryville this past Monday morning?
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