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Underrated Disney films


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  • Underrated Disney films

    There are many great Disney movies that deserved way more credit! Robin Hood has always been one of my favorites because I find that robin hood quite charming! I also love Hercules and the Great Mouse Detective (gotta love Basil!)

    What are some of your favorite underrated Disneys?
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    BedKnobs and Broomsticks, Fox and the Hound, The Rescuers
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      Robin Hood
      The Horse in the Grey Flannel Suit - not a great film, but horses are always a hit/miss with me and that film hit.


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        Robin Hood
        Fox & the Hound
        The Aristocats


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          The Aristocats
          101 Dalmations
          Robin hood

          Overrated: Lion King and Pocahontas


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            I'm currently loving the live action films and musicals from the mid-late 1960's. I may just be sentimental or my need to destress, but they are so much fun!


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                The Sword and the Stone! Merlin is one of the funniest disney characters ever.
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                  Treasure Island
                  "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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                    Maybe not underrated as much as under-recognized or overlooked...
                    Emperor's New Groove (is anyone surprised I mentioned that movie?)
                    Treasure Planet
                    I heard that Holes was good, although I have not watched it yet.

                    BTW, thanks CO for posting your DISNEYPARIS avatar! That thing is so disturbing, yet it cracks me up every time I see it! :lol:


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                      Why that would surely be A Goofy Movie.


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                        Lt. Robinson Crusoe, USN (Disney)
                        Oscar (Touchstone)
                        Mystery Alaska (Hollywood Pictures)

                        Now of the recent movies...

                        Around the World in 80 Days may have been the most underrated movie of last year... It cost way too much for what it was, but if it had opened closer to the holidays it may have done better at the box office..
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                          1. Treasure Island

                          Not so much underrated as forgotten. Watched it recently and it is a very well made film.

                          2. So Dear To My Heart

                          Another forgotten one but still a charming film featuring some live action mixed with animation. It was made after Song of the South.

                          3. The Great Mouse Detective

                          The new batch of young animators were really spreading their wings on this film. Also has that dazzling scene with the clockworks inside Big Ben which utilized the brand new computer animation capabilities.

                          4. Tron

                          I thought this was a brilliantly conceived film. Experimental and adventurous, but I believe you either love it or hate it.

                          5. The Black Cauldron

                          The story and dark edge turns many off, but I think it is very much underrated. Wonderfully imaginative and some splendid animation.

                          6. The Emperor's New Groove

                          Smart, funny script and great characters. I don't understand why so many dislike this one.

                          Remember that Fantasia and Alice In Wonderland were considered to be underrated films for years after their initial release. It was only later generations and home video that elevated them to the level of Disney Classics.
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                            I gotta start with Oliver and Company, one of the last animated films before the new crop of Princess classics. I loved and adored this movie as a kid. It was some of earliest exsposure to Billy Joel!
                            *Flight of the Navigator
                            *Benji (all of em)
                            *Herby (all of em)
                            *Ltn. Robinson Crusoe- Dick Van Dyke is just simply the best, good call Cellerhound.
                            *Treasure Island- awesome
                            *20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
                            *Black Caldron
                            *Sword and the Stone- I am still waiting for Disney to option TS White's "Once and Future King" which was the basis for this and make a live action version, which would be so awesome.
                            *The Absent Minded Professor
                            *The Shaggy Dog
                            *Max Devlin
                            * The Blackhole


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                              Aristocats is my all time favorite
                              Alice in Wonderland...I feel the DVD release didn't get a lot of attention either...
                              Treasure Island...I really do like the music and art...and of course the story's good

                              But I think all of them are amazing in some way!! I could pick a favorite even out of the "underrated" ones!


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                                Originally posted by Shoulder Angel
                                The Sword and the Stone! Merlin is one of the funniest disney characters ever.
                                Oh yes, how could I forget that? Love, love, love sword in the stone!
                                "Just remember the month of May followed by a nerd."


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                                  I'd have to say Condorman! A great old live-action classic! Michael Crawford was fantastically funny and Barbara Carrera was beautiful in her pre-Bond days!
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                                    Originally posted by desertdweller

                                    5. The Black Cauldron

                                    The story and dark edge turns many off, but I think it is very much underrated. Wonderfully imaginative and some splendid animation.
                                    I will agree with this, the film is the last of it's generation of animated films, and because of it, I think it is a particularely important film...

                                    I wished they didn't try to graft two books by Lloyd Alexander to get the plot... Now, it is my understanding that this film was the first Disney animated film to have content cut out of the film... I wish they put an uncut edition together for limited release DVD... I want to know what was trimmed out... but sadly, I fear, it will never happen...
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                                      Home on the Range


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                                        The Three Lives of Thomasina
                                        Third Man on the Mountain
                                        Darby O'Gill and the Little People
                                        The Three Caballeros
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