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Crackdown at Disney - Orlando Sentinel - 4/8/06


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  • Crackdown at Disney - Orlando Sentinel - 4/8/06

    Crackdown at Disney
    An analysis finds that Orange County deputies are writing many more tickets on the resort's property.

    Scott Powers and Beth Kassab | Sentinel Staff Writers
    Posted April 8, 2006

    Full Story at:

    There's a new thrill ride at Walt Disney World that visitors will want to avoid: one in which a police car pursues you.

    At Disney's request, Orange County deputy sheriffs have been hitting the streets there hard, sometimes writing dozens of traffic tickets a day for violations ranging from speeding to loud stereos, a Sentinel analysis has found.

    The crackdown marks a dramatic change at Disney World. For a long time, uniformed traffic officers in marked patrol cars were hard to find on Disney roads. Not anymore.

    Disney's attitude of keeping uniformed police barely visible to tourists changed after 9-11 when it began encouraging deputies to have a higher profile on the property. Then last year -- after increased concerns about speeding and traffic violations -- the two towns that make up the Disney resort signed landmark contracts with the Orange County Sheriff's Office to double the number of deputies assigned to the area.

    During their first few months on the job, deputies wrote an average of 26 tickets a day at Disney World -- compared with an average of three per day during the first few months of 2004, according to the Sheriff's Office. The pace slowed down by last fall, and the Sheriff's Office said that is partly because traffic has slowed down. But deputies still frequently wrote more than 20 tickets a day during a three-month period examined by the Sentinel.
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    Re: Crackdown at Disney - Orlando Sentinel - 4/8/06

    Are there more accidents on WDW property? Seems that if there were more accidents, then getting drivers to slow down might be important.

    Or is it the lure of tourists not being able to fight their tickets, and thus another speed trap?


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      Re: Crackdown at Disney - Orlando Sentinel - 4/8/06

      I think it's people on vacation, putting their brains away. I have driven the roads on property too many times to count and the way people drive is scary. especially the out of state ones.


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        Re: Crackdown at Disney - Orlando Sentinel - 4/8/06

        "This ticket, officer: it will get me into EPCOT, yes?"


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          Re: Crackdown at Disney - Orlando Sentinel - 4/8/06

          Now I always thought that sheriffs didn't have the authority to write speeding tickets within WDW property because it is private property. I used to love speeding around once I crossed into Disney property; am I totally off base in that assumption? I thought police officers were limited to the jurisdiction of public roadways and public property.


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            Re: Crackdown at Disney - Orlando Sentinel - 4/8/06

            “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney


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              Re: Crackdown at Disney - Orlando Sentinel - 4/8/06

              Damn 5-0.... I doubt they'll ever leave either. I really don't get along well with those guys who were picked on in high school (cops) and they're the last people I want to see when I pay to go on Disney's private property.
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