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Unholy Matrimony: Disney Welcomes Hooters Downtown?


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  • Unholy Matrimony: Disney Welcomes Hooters Downtown?

    ""I think that you're nuts to build a park next to Disneyland that's half the size and charge the same amount of money."" Marty Sklar

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    If anything really thinks that Hooters waitresses are scantily clad they need to open their eyes and look around. What a number of girls wear around town is FAR more risque than what Hooters waitresses wear.


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      soo... where is this location and when does it open???

      I am not against it.... it is Down Town... Pleasure island is Down Town.... Whats the difference of people who want to wear that and work there... and woment who do some of the stuff next door......

      Besides... they are a good thing...(Harlies and now this... whats next..)


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        Notu Bryte...
        Eglantine, Eglantine, oh how you shine!
        I don't believe in giving animals ridiculous names. I call him Cosmic Creepers...
        ...and if you've got no other choice, you know you can follow my voice...


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          I was ignoring this as an aprils fool's joke... I am still clouding it out of my mind as such...
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            lol hey i used to get discounts at the hooters near disneyland for being a cast member ........ so I believe it LOL
            Evil is lurking behind the matterhorn........ wait, that's just Mickey :ap:


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              I dont think of April fools when i saw April 2 on my end.... thought the persion could have bene on the west cost if so then.... Shame on you for pulling it so late and not telling the truth...

              If he is telling the truth... Heck ya...


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                This doesn't make sense. There's already a Hooter's at Vista Center, a small shopping complex about 2 miles or so from Downtown Disney, and I can't see Hooter's wanting to locate another restaurant that close to an existing one.

                I say it's a late April Fool's joke.

                And Gwyren's right... I've seen guests at the Parks dressed way more skimpily than Hooters Girls.
                "Oh, now there's a surprise! I could have a heart attack and die from not surprised!"
                -Iago, Aladdin


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