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Weinstien's Biggest Fan?


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  • Weinstien's Biggest Fan?

    Well, Disney has done it again... Hit the 5 Dumbest Things on Wall Street...

    4. Mouse Ears
    You may think you're a big fan of the movies Bob and Harvey Weinstein made for Disney.

    After all, the two Miramax execs made many popular and critically acclaimed pictures during their 12 years at Disney, which ended earlier this week when the media giant bought them out for some $130 million.

    But what we learned from that buyout was no matter how much you like Gangs of New York or Pulp Fiction or The Piano, you can't say you're the Weinsteins' biggest fan.

    That's right. That distinction, we learned Tuesday, goes to none other than departing Disney CEO Michael Eisner.

    Of course, some of us had assumed there were some touchy issues between the sides regarding creative control and things like that. Many people thought that there might have been some bad blood behind Eisner's decision not to distribute the anti-President Bush documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.
    But in corporate departure letters, as we have learned, everyone lets bygones be bygones.

    "We know that there is no bigger fan of our movies than Michael Eisner and think it was pretty brave of him to give us the ability to make movies like Hero and City of God," the departing Weinsteins said.

    Way to put on a brave face.
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    When is Eisner going to state he is Steve Job's biggest fan as well?


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