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"New" Disney Stores

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  • "New" Disney Stores

    After many delays The Disney Store closest to me is finally getting remodeled. I unfortunately am not expecting too much from it. It's a shame how much they have gone downhill in recent years and how many I helped close working as a CM. Shortly before the stores were sold to Children's Place Disney remodeled two others in the area which are terrible, one is a "millennium" concept and the other is a "castle store" both look horribly cheap.

    I was just curious to hear from anyone who has seen a new store redone by the children's place. Their are supposedly about 30 of this new "Mickey" concept stores out there, so if you have seen one let me know what you thought of them.

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    Re: "New" Disney Stores

    Your very lucky you haven't had your Disney Stores taken away from you - I used to make special trips to a far away shopping center just to go there (This was before I was 'into' Disney), and when I really got into Disney (I can't believe getting the Lion King SE started it all. I went looking for more info about the Lion King, got into a whole lot of Disney fansites, stumbeled across SaveDisney, and never turned back since!) I went back to that shopping center, only to find it missing. I went searching, but they were all gone . Disney had pulled out from Oz.

    I wish they would buy back the stores, exept close all but a few crucial stores and make them borders-sized with higher quality fitouts and special entertainment concepts... Mickey's Kitchen executed slightly differently Might work.


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      Re: "New" Disney Stores

      I'll be the first to admit that there were too many in this area but now there are too few. The location getting the new remodel from what i understand is one of the few original in the country. Although for almost a year has been in a temporary location but still in the same mall, almost completely un-themed.


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        Re: "New" Disney Stores

        Originally posted by drnilescrane
        Your very lucky you haven't had your Disney Stores taken away from you
        They were taken from us. What we call the "Disney Store" is but the rotting corpse of what we used to have.

        We've had a "new" Disney store by me for awhile now. I even recieved an invitation to the grand opening. I even almost cut school to go. But it's just a big pink store for the younguns. Can't even buy the Treasures DVDs there.


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          Re: "New" Disney Stores

          I walk thru one of the local ones here in SoFla now and then, but they have absolutely zero products that have any interest to me.

          And while the stores are cleaner and better maintained now than they were during Disney's last 2-3 years of ownership, I can't help but wonder how they make any money when all they sell is cheap toys, plush and princess crap and it's always on sale.

          And here's some trivia for you, did you know that three different companies own Disney Stores depending on what continent you are on?
          Children's Place owns North American stores, Oriental Land Co. owns them in Japan and the European stores are actually still owned by Disney.



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            Re: "New" Disney Stores

            I had four Disney Stores taken away from me (five, if you count the long gone Disney Gallery).

            Thank goodness for I'm getting my Mickey Mouse car accessories in a few days. :yea:
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              Re: "New" Disney Stores

              Alright, we still dont have the new concept stores yet so ima go take photos while i still can mauhahaha
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                Re: "New" Disney Stores

                We have had 9 closed permanently including a gallery store. Two more that closed have reopened in temporary locations waiting for a remodel. All just in a 50mile radius of me. Granted there is nothing I want to buy there anymore it is just nice to walk around and take in the atmosphere.


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                  Re: "New" Disney Stores

                  Originally posted by DisneyFanaticBoy
                  Alright, we still dont have the new concept stores yet so ima go take photos while i still can mauhahaha
                  Please post!


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                    Re: "New" Disney Stores

                    I was shopping around the other day and decided to stop in and see if they remodeled the store near me from the old film strip, black carpet and walls, and animated window displays. Much to my suprise, it was remodeled with that Mickey Mouse concept. The entryway had a big red Mickey-shaped head with the new Children's Place Disney Store logo. There was the cute Huey, Duey, and Luey(how the hell do spell their names?) on the edge of the store with a little sign that had the Disney Store logo on it. Inside there was a large Sorcerer Mickey surrounded by stars and the walking brooms painted on the ceiling in the center of the store. There were murals throughout the store of the princesses and a Hundred Acre wood seating area to watch movies. It was cute, but it was a little on the cheap looking side.

                    I just wish they would remodel them to look like the inside of the World of Disney stores.


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                      Re: "New" Disney Stores

                      That's because the remodel of the Disney Stores was
                      done on the Cheap. (sound familiar?) Those white
                      plastic shelfs are hideous! The store is NOT carpeted,
                      and THAT makes it look like a 50 year old K-Mart
                      (that's a BAD thing).

                      Hey, and the entrance makes it look like K-Mart too!
                      They just have a big red Mickey entrance instead
                      of a big red "K".

                      Reminds me of that skit on Raw Toonage: "Good Idea, Bad Idea"
                      and this makeover was a BAD IDEA.

                      Whoever desiged THAT LOOK, needs to go to "Makeover School"
                      before they do any more damage.
                      Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
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                        Re: "New" Disney Stores

                        As a former Disney Store CM (back in the days of our Letterman sweaters and vests..."somehow" i was able to keep mine from circa 1991) and having worked at *three* different locations (South Shore Plaza, , MA, Quincy Market Boston, MA and Holyoke Mall, Holyoke, MA) while the stores were still operated by Disney, I recently visited a newly opened store run by Childrens Place in Braintree, looking to see what kind of new "life" this company had hoped to breathe into store concept.

                        I wept

                        What was once, as taught in Traditions, supposed to be considered as "a local taste of their favorite themepark" and a place where "you could never say no" has turned into....


                        But, sadly, not much worse than the last few years of the Original stores run, when the Company, had given up hope. How sad it was to walk in, greeter-less, to see the "employees" wearing jeans and denim shirts. See former cash wraps loaded with boxes and boxes of toys...non-selling toys Former displays that held the porcelain and china and watches..filled

                        Plush mountain filled with...nothing. Usually half empty.

                        None of the animations worked. I can remember not being able to OPEN if one of the animations were not operating correctly, never mind seeing them dark and non-operational. Dusty. Some partially covered with...say it with

                        One one final visit before the Going Out of Business sale, a former lead who was now the manager ( in the HELL did she last that long in that part of the Company? i will never know) tried to talk me into coming back and helping the store "go out with dignity" i watched a box full of Orange signs with 20% OFF being dropped off back stage. No dignity there. Why, in our time, we didnt even have SALES!

                        I dont know why i am rambling like this, espically as my first post. But, after seeing the NEW Disney Store last weekend, i am just so saddened by what has happened.

                        I know most people never even considered us store cm's *real* castmembers, but i know the core group i worked with for a year and a half did. And every day when we went "on stage", wearing our "Disney Store" watches and silver pants and skirts, we were every bit the small taste of their favorite Disney park for the local Guests here at their local mall.


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                          Re: "New" Disney Stores

                          Grimsby, the Braintree store is the one that is closing today for the remodel same with the Burlington Mall store. It was a temporary location to get through the holidays. I think i know what manager you mean and that is a very good question, how did she last.

                          The sweater vests were great :lol: i wish i could have kept mine, from when i worked at the Disney Store.
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                            Re: "New" Disney Stores

                            Yes, i could tell it was "temporary" from the absence of carpet and basic items, like, shelving And its sad they have to start from scratch, but the Apple store is pretty wonderful addition..that is, until the open the new one in Hingham!

                            But the concept of that store even opening....*sigh* how i long for the days of "SHOW".

                            I had read that the employees running the new Disney Stores for Childrens Place would still be called "castmembers" and would follow some of the aspects of Traditions, but from the reaction of one of the people working there when i chatted with her, i doubt she even knew what Traditions was

                            Thanks for the info on the new stores, though Appreciated.


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                              Re: "New" Disney Stores

                              The long, sad decline of The Disney Stores is one of the often overlooked stories of the last few years of the Eisner era. They were such a great thing at one point. It really was like having a little piece of the Disney experience without having to go all the way to Florida or Anaheim. Over-expansion was a big part of the problem. There was no need to have a store in every single shopping mall. It really should have been reserved for just one or two stores in major markets. I think it's good that Children's Place is shutting alot of them down, but revamping them on the cheap is the wrong way to go.

                              On a separate note, who operates the Disney Outlet stores? Is that also Children's Place?
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