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CW Fall 2006 Schedule


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  • CW Fall 2006 Schedule

    Renewals include "7th Heaven," "All of Us," "America's Next Top Model," "Beauty and the Geek," "Everybody Hates Chris," "Gilmore Girls," "Girlfriends" and "One Tree Hill," "Smallville," "Supernatural," "Veronica Mars," "WWE Smackdown"

    Cancellations include "All of Us," "The Bedford Diaries," "Blue Collar TV," "Cuts," "Eve," "Everwood," "Get This Party Started," "Half & Half," "Living With Fran," "Love, Inc.," "Modern Men," "One on One," "Pepper Dennis," "Reba," "Related," "South Beach," "Survival of the Richest" and "Twins".

    The nightly The CW schedule will be as follows:

    8pm: "7th Heaven"
    9pm: "Runaway"

    8pm: "Gilmore Girls"
    9pm: "Veronica Mars"

    8pm: "America's Next Top Model"
    9pm: "One Tree Hill"

    8pm: "Smallville"
    9pm: "Supernatural"

    8pm: "WWE Friday Night Smackdown"

    7pm: "Everybody Hates Chris"
    7pm: "All of Us"
    8pm: "Girlfriends"
    9pm: "The Game"
    9pm: Repeats

    The combining of the UPN and WB networks left many casualties in it's wake and line up of each of their best shows left room for only 3 new shows.

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    Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

    What happened to that aquaman show, Mercy Reef, or whatever it was going to be called


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      Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

      They did a pilot with what seemed to be a great cast, but I guess it didn't make the cut. Only 3 new shows and all.


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        Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

        I want Aquaman!


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          Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

          Uhhh, how is 7th Heaven in the line up? They are done!
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            Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

            Oh man! This sooo sucks! I love Everwood, I love Reba! And whats with 7th Heaven? That show ended! I would much rather have Everwood than reruns of 7th. This is unfair! Most of my shows on all the networks are being cancled!

            On the side... Thank you XharryB for posting these!

            (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


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              Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

              it's not reruns. they signed them up for another season. I agree though that everwood would make a better show then more 7th heaven. I liked everwood. and i liked reba and cancelling reba will cost teh CW a ton of money.


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                Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

                Yeah, they signed a new deal for 7th Heaven right after the supposed final episode. Whatever... I'm also surprised to see Reba getting the axe, she seemed to be doing ok.


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                  Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

                  Follow up on Aquaman: Even though it didn't make the schedule, there is a trailer for the show which seems to have made its way online. I found it on youtube, but I'm sure it's in a few other places as well (until the legals have it taken down... if they care enough to). So if you want to tease yourself with what would have been go and do a search for it. Looked decent to me. Smallville by the sea pretty much.


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                    Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

                    I will also miss Everwood, and Reba .


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                      Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

                      CW makes no sence.. they cancle a show and pay milliosn to do so.. then pick up a show and spend more millions... WTF?? CW.. you want money or not?? your not PBS...

                      Damn... that aquaman show looked brilliant.. CW.. you are idiots! Teens would so watch the show...


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                        Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

                        Veronica Mars is there, so I'm happy.
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                          Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

                          oh.. wait.. they dont always spend money.. they had a chance to pick up invasion.. and they said no... but i dont know.. invasion to so.. teen...
                          (7th heaven gets more adult viewers than teens...)


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                            Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

                            There are so many poor planning decision in this schedule:

                            Cancelling Everwood, a show with decent ratings and critical adoration, while renewing One Tree Hill, a show with poorer ratings and critical indifference.

                            Renewing too many older shows. Let's take a look at how many shows are likely to not be returning during the 2007-2008 season:

                            7th Heaven
                            Gilmore Girls
                            One Tree Hill

                            That is a third of the programming currently on the CW that is unlikely to make it a season past the upcomming one. I hope they have some good pilots in development, or they might be royally screwing themselves over in the long run.

                            From what I've been reading, apparently Reba is likely to come back as a midseason replacement.


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                              Re: CW Fall 2006 Schedule

                              I read somewhere that they've ordered 13 more episodes of Reba to avoid paying some sort of penalty that would have been required had they cancelled it.


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