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Fantasia to be performed LIVE @ the Hollywood Bowl!


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  • Fantasia to be performed LIVE @ the Hollywood Bowl!

    I haven't seen this posted here and thought everyone would like to know about it. Tickets are limited.

    Mark "Stingray2019" Santora

    The Great American Concert: Walt Disney's "Fantasia" with Fireworks
    Weekends Fridays FR2-HB

    Friday, August 18, 2006, 8:30 PM
    Saturday, August 19, 8:30 PM
    Hollywood Bowl
    2301 N. Highland Avenue
    Hollywood, CA
    (323) 850-2000

    Ticket Prices Artists:

    Hollywood Bowl Orchestra
    John Mauceri, conductor

    Nearly 70 years ago, Walt Disney used the skill of his world-class animators to visualize the world of classical music. The result: Walt Disney's Fantasia. For the first time, John Mauceri and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra recreate this magic - an evening of musical selections with film clips on the Bowl's big screens. You'll see your favorites as well as the world premiere of Clair de lune, plus a glimpse into the brilliant artwork and unfinished segments of this masterpiece. The evening ends with fireworks that complement the spectacular beauty of this cinematic triumph.
    Single Ticket Prices for This Event:

    Seating Section
    Garden Box Seats
    Sold Out
    Terrace Box Seats
    Sold Out
    Sold Out
    Benches D E G2 J2
    Sold Out
    Benches F K
    Benches M N
    Benches L P
    Benches Q R S T U
    Benches W
    Sold Out
    Benches V X
    Sold Out

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    Re: Fantasia to be performed LIVE @ the Hollywood Bowl!

    I'm going tomorrow. "And there ain't NOTHIN' you can do about it".

    "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

    "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
    -Jurassic Park


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      Re: Fantasia to be performed LIVE @ the Hollywood Bowl!

      First time I've been to the Bowl was for a John Wiliams Concert. I think it focused on the Olympics, but he did movie music as well like Star Wars and Superman . I think he did 3 ENCORES.

      ANYWAYS, my reason for this post is I just went to the "Fantasia" concert last night. It was pretty good. The beginning was quite similar to the beginning of the movie. They had movie clips for pretty much every piece they did. The first was the one with violins or soundwaves in the clouds and hills (I don't know what the piece is called). Then the greek mythology one with fauns and winged horses. Then "Destino" with ROY E. DISNEY IN THE AUDIENCE!!!!! "Destino" was VERY bizarre. Very dream-like. At one point, a dancer's head falls off and gets hit with a baseball bat... ANYWAYS, next was the segment with the creation of life with volcanoes and earthquakes. No dinosaurs.Sorcerer's Apprentice was presented. Everyone clapped and cheered for Mickey when he came on screen . Then after a while, I thought wouldn't it be awesome if Mickey came out to shake hands with the conducter?? Guess what, he did . Mickey escorted the conductor off stage for Intermission.

      After intermission was "Dance of the Hours". Many people laughed. Next was a cut and unanimated sequence for Fantasia. It involved Vikings or Finns with their wondering boat after/during a funeral and a magical swan... They showed concept art during this piece. Then "Blue Bayou" I think is the correct deleted scene from the film. I THINK it was fully animated but deleted, not sure. Anyways, it's the same music you hear after "Ocean's 11" remake movie when everyone is watching the Belligo fountains. On screen was a Blue Bayou setting with a swan flying, swimming, and feeding in it. Also a moonlight and its reflection in the water with ripples. It was very soothing and calm. Finally, they finish up with "The Nutcracker Suite". When we get to the part with weeds (green plant with pink top) dance, fireworks explode and surprises everyone. I think some sparklers that spin around blew up and weren't supposed to. It was quite a sight to see fireworks going off on top of the Bowl. People sitting in the booth CLOSEST to the stage left before "Blue Bayou" played, I guess for safety from fireworks fallout. I can't believe they shoot off fireworks so close to the audience and trees. The conducter did only ONE ENCORE with "Flight of the Bumblebee". That was a really great piece, music and animation.

      The evening was great. The stores had merchandise to purchase of the event. They had the "Fantasia" 2-disc CD but no DVD or anything to do with "Fantasia 2000" which I would have expected. They did have a really neat black t-shirt with Sorcerer Mickey in the foreground and the Bowl and fireworks in the background and said "Fantasia at the Hollywood Bowl". I would have purchased it, but it was $25!! I would have definately taken a picture of the design, but I don't have a digital camera . TIP: If you want to purchase the CD, go to the Tower of Records booth after you pass through the ticket scanners, they have it $6 less than the Bowl Store plus a couple other Disney CDs.

      To get to the Bowl, I took the Metro Gold Line then Red Line and from Hollywood & Highland, take their bus to the Bowl. I go back the same way, BUT the Gold Line ends at 11:52PM. 11:52PM!!! On the Friday NIGHT!! It was ridicious. 20-30 other people were stuck at the station. The 2 out of service train conductors didn't even bother to ask us what we were doing there. One of us had to go up to them and find out what was going on. LAME!! I didn't want to pay taxi ride $30, so I stayed at Union Station for 3 1/2 hours for the Gold Line to start back up. Why do they provide service TO THE BOWL, when they just get you stuck COMING FROM THE BOWL?!?! They'll be losing money NOW if they don't provide a train back on the Gold Line until AFTER maybe 12:15AM. So very lame. Didn't get back home til after 5AM.

      "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

      "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
      -Jurassic Park


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        Re: Fantasia to be performed LIVE @ the Hollywood Bowl!

        This would be one exciting treat for the senses. Thank you for giving us the heads up!
        To Boldly Go Where No MiceChatter Has Gone Before!


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