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Discount Las Vegas show tickets


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  • Discount Las Vegas show tickets

    Has anyone here ever used any of the discount Vegas tickets places like Tix4tonight? I assume it works much like the TKTS booth in New York City? (i.e. same day tickets for 50% discount, but no advance warning of what shows may be offered.)

    I am wondering what shows they typically offer? I am most interested in Bally's Jubilee and Excalibur's Tournament of Kings. I will buy in advance if need be, but if I can be relatively sure of a discount, then I will wait.

    I am also curious if you can ever score Cirque de Soleil, Celine Dion or any of the Broadway shows for discount.


    P.S. Any other Vegas advice is much appreciated...
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    Re: Discount Las Vegas show tickets

    I don't know about discount tix for shows but some hotels offer guests comp tickets or deep discounts.

    "Jubilee" at Ballys remains one of the most reasonably priced shows on the strip and is a classic, well worth the full price.

    The size of this production along with the Bob Mackie costumes is just tremendous and the back portion of the showroom (my favorite area and best view) is reserved theater style seating with a walk up bar available in the lobby.

    It's the epitome of the old and new Las Vegas and you will never see another show of this size produced ever again.

    A close runner up is The Folies Bergere at the Tropicana...also a good value at full ticket price.

    Go for the second show of either since they are the "adult" versions. Kids in a LV showroom is still like a cross to a vampire for me.
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      Re: Discount Las Vegas show tickets

      There are actually two such services in Vegas... tix4tonight, and tickets2nite. I tend to prefer former, as they have more offices/locations, and usually a slightly better selection. But they both work virtually the same, and typically have nearly the same availability and prices. I believe they have websites under those names.

      Most of these places open at noon, but the lines can start as early as 11am on busy days... you've been warned. Screens overhead will show what's available (listed alphabetically), and at what prices. Have one person stand in line, and another person check out the screen and report back to you what's there and what's not. Shows that are sold out with regularity are sometimes not offered... so your chances of finding a Cirque or Celene show are low. But it does happen from time to time, so check it out anyway. Still, it never hurts to be prepared to settle for a second choice.

      They usually are cash/ATM only, and will add a small service charge to the price you see on the screen. However, I don't seem to remember the service fee being too outrageous. Some discounts are better than others... a few shows are almost 50%, while others are only about $20 off an already $100 show. So do some research first.

      Many people don't know you can also get cheaper tickets to the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton this way. And some other museum/tours can be bought through this, too. I paid $19.95 + some small service fee for the Star Trek Experience, and it is usually about $35.

      Hope this helps!
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