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Disney's Cars crashes on Wall Street -


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  • Disney's Cars crashes on Wall Street -

    JUNE 13, 2006


    By Ronald Grover

    Disney's Cars Crashes on Wall Street

    The film's $62.8 million opening fails to set pulses racing in the financial community. What's going on here?

    Full story at

    When is a blockbuster film a disappointment? Only on Wall Street, which seems to have moved this weekend's opening of the Walt Disney-Pixar film Cars off the side of the road into a ditch marked for losers. Merrill Lynch analyst Jessica Reif Cohen, one of Wall Street's smartest, called Cars's $62.8 million weekend take a "disappointing performance." Bank of America analyst Douglas Shapiro points out it "has a couple of negative implications" for Disney shares, and says it "could struggle to gross $230 million domestically."

    Excuse me. It will "struggle" to cross $230 million in the U.S.? If it, in fact, wobbles it's way to $230 million this year that would have ranked as last year's fourth-largest film, about 10% or so behind Warner Bros.' Harry Potter & the Goblet of FireX Men: The Last Stand, The Da Vinci Code, and Ice Age: The Meltdown&mdash;have opened better. Simply put, how is this disappointing?

    Of course, it is disappointing because Wall Street analysts had projected that Disney's $7.4 billion acquisition this year of Pixar would turn it once more into a world-beating animation superpower. Reif, for instance, had estimated that Cars would gross $270 million. BofA's Shapiro noted that Pixar's prior four releases (including such huge hits as Finding Nemo
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    Re: Disney's Cars crashes on Wall Street -

    Two words for Wall Street: SHUT UP!


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      Re: Disney's Cars crashes on Wall Street -

      Just wait - it will be out all summer and people will see it a few times, then they'll rake in the Cars promotional items (don't see too many DaVinci Code t-shirts around), then the DVD will go supernova. I don't really see Disney shaking over this one.
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        Re: Disney's Cars crashes on Wall Street -

        I agree with BFJen. This is the type of movie that kids will see over and over again. We plan on seeing it at least two more times! I'm sure by summers end it will have made tons of money. What is it with Wall Street?


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          Re: Disney's Cars crashes on Wall Street -

          I know I wouldn't mind seeing it again.


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            Re: Disney's Cars crashes on Wall Street -

            Latest from imdb:

            'Cars' Speeds Up
            Disney's decision to postpone the release of Cars from November -- when previous Pixar movies have been released -- to June -- when schools are out -- could result in offsetting what analysts have called a disappointing weekend opening. On Monday, the film earned $6,445,000 -- far above the $3,802,000 that The Incredibles, the last Pixar release, earned on its first Monday in November, 2004. Likewise on Tuesday, Cars took in $5,820,000 versus $3,213,000 for the first Tuesday of The Incredibles. While initial reports had noted that the $60.1 million that Cars earned last weekend was well below the $70 million that analysts had expected, the film could exceed the gross for the first week of The Incredibles, Pixar's biggest hit, going into next weekend if mid-week ticket sales continue at the same clip.

            Another reason why first-weekend receipts are not the end-all in Box Office projection.


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