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Going to see Tarzan this weekend!!


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  • Going to see Tarzan this weekend!!

    :yea: I can't wait for tomorrow night!! I got tickets at Christmas for Saturday's 8pm showing of Tarzan. I have tried to keep positive about this till I actually see it for myself, despite the mostly negative reviews.

    I won't be back till Monday afternoon to post my review cause we're staying in NY for the pride parade on Sunday.

    Off topic but if anyone as any recommendation for dinner let me know, we are staying Times SQ.
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    Originally posted by Disney Magic
    Off topic but if anyone as any recommendation for dinner let me know, we are staying Times SQ.
    We loved Thalia. Great food, great service. We went there for dinner after "The Lion King".

    We had dinner at Becco before the second night we saw "Tarzan". Really liked that place as well, and it's not too far away from the theatre.

    We stayed at the Milford Plaza, which is on the block between where "Tarzan" is and where "Phantom of the Opera" is. The room was pretty small, but the location was perfect since we spent a lot of time in theatres.


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      Re: Going to see Tarzan this weekend!!

      Alright I am back from NYC and for the most part it was a good weekend despite rain everyday. First stop before even stopping at the hotel was to the World of Disney, what a treat that store is from the crappy regular Disney Stores. Then FAO Shwartz were they had the author of Dragonoloy signing books and the new game, (the perfect birthday gift for my partner's nephew). After checkin in we only had a little time for dinner before the show started and it was Saturday evening in Times Sq. every resturant had a two hour wait. But that is why I have the All Access pass to Hard Rock Cafe (I love the HRC) so we got seated right away.

      Now for the Tarzan part, first off I have to say that I really did like it!!!!! But there are definatley some things that need a little bit more work on. I got some pics and if I can figure out how to get them on here I will later.

      So for anyone who cares, here are my thoughts......

      First off the cast truely did a fantastic job, and all put in so much effort into making the show great!!!! The role of Tarzan was, from what I was told, was played for the first time since March by the understudy Joshua Kobak instead of Josh Strickland. Now without seeing Strickland perform the role I really have nothing to compare it to but from the pictures in the program and previews I have seen Kobak is a much much better Tarzan. I really don't know why he wasn't cast as the lead, he had a great voice and body to match. Sadly I have to admit that Stickland probably got the lead cause of his looks and more main stream recognition (American Idol and Star Search 2004) to help sell tickets. Coincidentally they both were also in Rent and played Roger.

      The main draw back of the show actually was the music above anything else. And I don't mean the Phil Collins music from the movie, those were the best songs in the soundtrack. All the songs were performed very well but the songs themselves were weak. I realize it was a musical but there were too many songs and more new ones than in the movie. Some of the new songs were good but most could be cut from the show without hurting the story.

      The whole scene were Jane makes her entrance needs to be scrapped and reworked completely, I hated every second of that.

      Technically speaking the simplicity of the stage design actually works well for this show. However a few scenes could have had a few more props to dress up the boring green backdrop and add some life to the stage. The aerial work was excellent except for the leopard. This really needs more work if they don't want the effect to be giggled at. The leopard looked very cool and moved very realistically until the fight scene when he was supposed to jump and pounce during the attack. The harnessed actor is pulled into the air for the jump but then it takes too long for him to gain control of his movement forward. He kinda looks like he was floating for a few moments and it reminded me of watching a high school drama class production of Peter Pan. The may have to adjust that and perhaps sacrifice the speed of the jump to gain control. I heard someone complain when the show first began that the whole show is spent watching actors hooking and unhooking their harness.....that is absolutely not true there was only one or two times when it took a few extra seconds and was noticible. But that was hardly a distraction and I think everyone realizes it is necessary.

      The Richard Rodgers Theater was unimpressive for an old theater (especially compared to Boston's theaters) with very uncomfortable seats I am only abou 5' 9 and my knees were pressed into the back row in front, and I was much too close to my stranger neighbor. None of those problems were the shows fault of course. I was seated in first balcony about 4 rows back to the stage right, the view from up top is probably much better from up top as it gives you a commanding view of the entire stage (I had a similar view of The Lion King a few years ago) and Tarzan flies only a few feet above your head (not a bad view ) I couldn't see too many obstructed view seating sections but there were some like 5 or six rows to the right of stage were the Tarzan swings out of, and that unit is only used twice during the whole show.

      Costuming was pretty good, but too much loincloth on Tarzan if you ask me though.

      Also one last thing that the show needs is a better ending. It was very anti-climatical and abrubt unlike the opening which was awesome and really gets your attention.

      Overall I really did enjoy the performance and it earned a standing ovation by the audience. But it could have benefited by having a few scene stealing moments like Lumiere does in Beauty and the Beast. Perhaps a something to help you build an emotional attactment to the characters like the movie does better.
      Last edited by Disney Magic; 06-27-2006, 07:16 PM.


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        What night/time was your show? I have to say that I would have been very disappointed if Josh wasn't in it when we saw it. I thought he was amazing.

        BTW, the original cast recording came out yesterday. I was listening to it all day.


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          Re: Going to see Tarzan this weekend!!

          Saturday the 24th at 8PM.

          I actually bought to soundtrack too and it is great, just that some songs could be left out of the show.


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            Re: Going to see Tarzan this weekend!!

            Josh Strickland may be great too at first I thought he was a very good choice. But I really can't compare the two other than the pictures. and Joshua Kobak has a better body and looks the part more.
            Last edited by Disney Magic; 06-28-2006, 09:41 AM.


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              Wow, I find that surprising. If I was going to the prime showing of a relatively-new show, I'd expect to see the lead and would be disappointed at seeing the understudy, unless there were extenuating circumstances. I mean, I get that Josh needs time off, but I just would expect the A-cast at a Saturday evening show.

              Not sure what you mean by looking more like Tarzan - they have similar features, though I personally find Josh to be better looking, at least in his recent pictures. And while the American Idol connection might have gotten him some notice at first for his other shows, that alone is not going to get anyone cast as the lead in a Broadway show.


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                Re: Going to see Tarzan this weekend!!

                Well like I mentioned earlier this was the first performance Strickland missed since March no one knows why but I wasn't disappointed. I don't deny that Strickland is cuter but his body is not well defined like Tarzan should be. Kobak has similar facial features and a smooth muscular chest (not that it matters) as the animated Tarzan which is why I said he looks more the part.

                And the theater usher also said that Jane missed her first performance on Friday evening for the first time. Who knows what their reasons were but they are only human and things happen. If the understudy was not up to par then I can understand what your saying about the A-cast on a Saturday evening prime time performance. But he was fantastic!!!


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