Trustworthy heir to Walt. Kids liked him Too.

Last mounth's announcement that Walt Disney Co. president Robert Iger will be come CEO in September signaled the end of Michael Eisners 21-year reign over the Magic Kingdom{MILESTONES, march 28}. TIME profiled Eisner in happier times, when he was riding high as the company's savior{April 25, 1988}:
"Eisner's rvival of Disney has mad him the current king of Hollywod and the darling of Wall Street. More imprtant though, is that Disney fans have begun to rcognize him as a corporated hero of sorts, a long awaited, trustworth heir to Walt. EISNER HAS ESTABLISHED HIMSELF AS A CHARISMATIC YOUND-DAD FIGURE by appearing each week as the host of the Disney Sunday Movie, where the husky-voiced executive clowns with Mickey, Minnie and other collegues. 'This job is so perfect for im,' says Dawn Steel, preident of his enthusiasm and how he sees the world. He's eternally young.' Nowadays when the 6-ft. 3-in. chairman strolls through Disney's theme parks with his family, fans scurry up for autographs and snapshots. 'I'm not exactly a movie star,' Eisner says, 'but I'm very popular with the under-ten-year-olds.'"

>Well that sounds such like a horror story to me they actually said that about him! I know it was in the 1988 (and no offense to TIME) but the article when I read it made my heart literally stop! Your a seasick crocidile...Mr. Grrrriiiiinnch! I want to rant some more but I would rather see how everyone thinks of this lame excuse for hailing to the destroyer of creativity and intelligence going down the drain. That article is word for word, just to let you know! ENJOY! (YEAH RIGHT!)