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Favorite Twilight Zone?


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  • Favorite Twilight Zone?

    in honor of the twilight zone marathon on Sci-that going now, what is your favorite?

    I answered this in another thread but seeing how im glued to it right now, it deserved its own thread

    ok.. what is your favorite twilight zone?

    theyve alreadly shown a few of mine..

    like the one with the slot machiene following the old man around....FRANKLIN! FRAAANNNKLIN!

    my others (small list)

    come wander with me
    talking tina
    the one where Mickey Rooney is the jockey busted for horse doping
    Billy Mumy as the monster
    the one where Burgess Meridith is the bookworm who gets all the time to read he wants when the world ends (reminds me of me) LOL
    the dollhouse
    and the one where where i think Robert Redford is death and comes for that old woman..I just hope when death comes for me he looks like Capt Jack LOL

    and the one where the dept store dummies take turns going on vacation

    and, finally to serve man

    soo which ones are your faves?

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    Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

    I like pretty much all of them.

    Sci-fi/horror/fantasy is a tough sell for me on Televsion. I think Twilight Zone is the leader of them all.
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      Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

      Not a hard one for me ... To Serve Man

      I also liked the one where the over worked hen pecked man gets on the train and falls asleep and wakes up in the quiet, sleepy town. He ends up there because he jumps off the train.


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        Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

        I also love all of them.

        I just wish the DVD's weren't so expensive to buy.


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          Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

          The Boogeyman.."I am the boogeyman from under someone else's bed..."

          The weird pig-like faced people had me creeped out when my dad made me watch it (he said that I had to in order to understand the TOT ride at DCA, and wouldn't let me borrow his digital camera until I watched it)
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            Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

            The Hitchhiker episode always freaked me out!
            I also like the one with the man who locked himself in a bank vault when the bomb dropped and he was the only man left on earth.
            I like the one with the man and the train & sleepy turn of the century town, too.
            So many great episodes!


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              Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

              i like the one where the couple gets stuck in town....

              and the 5th demention coolio


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                Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

                Love the Twilight Zone! Some of my favorite eps:

                "I Shot An Arrow Into The Air" - astronauts crash on what they think is an asteroid and are at each other's throats.

                "Time Enough At Last" - Man who loves books gets his wish to have the time and peace to read them, but has a mishap.

                "The Little People" - Astronauts discover a village of tiny little people and one of the astronauts decides he's a god to the tiny people.

                "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" - the classic Shatner episode with the monster on the wing of the plane.

                "The Invaders" - Agnes Moorehead is tormented by tiny aliens in a flying saucer.
                Warning: Portions of this attraction are intense and may not be appropriate for younger children.


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                  Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

                  "one for the angels"
                  seacond is
                  "the Hunt"
                  Nemo's not in slumberland anymore!


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                    Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

                    I have only watched the mararthon once when I was a kid. The only episode that sticks out in my mind is the one where the man tosses a coin (maybe a nickel) in a collection tray and it lands on it's side. then the man had the end of the episode the coin falls flat and the man goes back to normal.


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                      Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

                      It has to be 'Time Enough At Last' that episode is hilarious in it's own crazy way. I'd die if I was the old man who broke his glasses.....poor poor old man. Hehe.
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                        Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

                        They are all so wonderful how can you pick just one? I love them all, I've not seen one I didn't like. As long as they are the original B&W ones, I have the whole series/seasons on DVD and I can watch them for hours
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                          Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

                          Originally posted by mrcoaster
                          "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" - the classic Shatner episode with the monster on the wing of the plane.
                          For 3rd Rock fans, this episode is doubly memorable.

                          In one episode, Dick Solomon takes his first flight on a plane, looks out the window, freaks out that there's something on the wing of the plane. Well, John Lithgow, who was Dick Solomon, played this part in the Nightmare at 20,000 Feet segment of the Twilight Zone: The Movie. A couple seasons later, when William Shatner first appears as the Big Giant Head, he noted that there was something on the wing of the plane, too which Dick replied, "You too?"

                          Some of my favorite episodes:

                          The pilot: "Where is Everybody?"
                          "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street"
                          "Eye of the Beholder"
                          "The Mirror"
                          "It's a Good Life"
                          "The Passerby"
                          "An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge" (The only time they played a foreign short film from an outside source)
                          "Nick of Time"
                          "Time Enough at Last"
                          "The 16mm Shrine"
                          "Once Upon a Time" (Buster Keaton in a very unique partially silent episode... love it)

                          Etc. etc. etc.

                          I'm a big Twilight Zone fan.


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                            Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

                            Oh, can The Planet of the Apes be counted as a Twilight Zone movie?


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                              Re: Favorite Twilight Zone?

                              I like about 70% of them. The one on right now (Penny for your Thoughts) is one of the better ones.


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