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Movies this week

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  • Movies this week

    Hey, guys here is a new thread for this section:

    You can call it: What I am going to see at the movies this week...

    We sort of have been doing this film by film... but I thought it would be interesting to see what people go to see at the theatres this summer...
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    Week of April 22nd

    Kung Foo Hustle -

    I have been waiting for this movie for about two weeks since I read Rodger Ebert's review of the film... Can't wait...

    I know that Touchstone's A Lot Like Love is going to come out... but I thought I would wait for a review from you guys if you think I should see it... (Particularly DramaQueen)
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      Im gonna see Sin City soon! FINALLY! I also would love to see Kung Fu Hustle.
      Anyone up for a Colorado Micechatters meet-up?

      Colorado Micechatter Extrordinare!


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        Hitchhiker's Guide this week... Whoo Hoo... Can't wait...
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          Tomorrow, I'm going to see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I saw the Pacifier yesterday, and I saw robots 2 weeks ago, and the local newspaper is publishing my review for it tomorrow. So tomorrow I write my review for Hitchhikers.
          What an idiot....

          Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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            do you work for a newspaper or just write them so others can benefit? for some reason that sounds like im trying to insult you, but im just curious. and e.t scared the hell out of me as a kid...(still does whenever im in my side yard at night taking out the trash)
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              Originally posted by cellarhound
              Hitchhiker's Guide this week... Whoo Hoo... Can't wait...
              I can't wait either! I love Sam Rockwell