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How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?


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  • How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

    It is now nearly 24 hours since Pirates: 2 began
    showing in theaters across the country. Also many
    of us nuts saw the show in the wee hours of the
    morning. Now, it's time to start contemplating, just
    when do I plan on seeing this movie, again?

    Perhaps, some of us have already seen it a 2nd time.

    So, who among us have plans to see it again, in the
    theaters, and how many times have you seen this
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    Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

    Once, exactly 24 hours ago the movie started. What a fun night..errm.. morning it was! I plan on seeing it again with my family, and then again with a friend who wants to see it. So I'll get 3 in at least.


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      Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

      How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

      Next question


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        Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

        1 time at midnight lasy night


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          Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

          Ive seen it once...and was supposed to see it again tonight but my mam wants to see "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" instead

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            Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

            Saw it at the midnight premiere. Went again last night (that's when the people who dressed as pirates were coming out! I guess they couldn't get opening night tickets) hoping for a 10:45 showing (I worked until 9:00). The next available wasn't until 12:30. I was too exhausted from the past few days, so we didn't see it.

            We're planning on a matinee on Tuesday. That's when I'm next available.
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              Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

              Went at midnight on Thursday and going again today. I'm only going a second time because hubby didn't get to see it on Thursday.

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                Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

                2 times already, 1 at midnight on thursday and the second time at noon yesterday.
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                  Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

                  Seeing it for the first time in a little over 2 hours!!!



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                    Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

                    We will be trying for a second showing today.
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                      Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

                      I got tickets for the 6 showing yesterday( I bought them at noon) and now they are sold out until tuesday! wow BTW....Loved it!


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                        Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

                        Saw it twice yesterday. One at the 11:00 AM showing and one for the 7:30 PM showing. The 7:30 was PACKED.
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                          Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

                          none... I get to see it today though, hopefully.


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                            Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

                            Originally posted by Olympicnut
                            Next question
                            And, hey, that's also how many times I plan to see it!
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                              Re: How many times have you seen "POTC: DMC"?

                              6PM UK opening night, July 6.
                              8PM US opening night, July 7.

                              I will be seeing it for a third time this Wednesday (July 12).
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