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The Wind that Shakes the barley - My Review


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  • The Wind that Shakes the barley - My Review

    So I went to see "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" tonight with my Mother.

    I was surprised that even though it has been released for more than a week, there were more people there than at POTC on opening day...there wasnt an empty seat in the cinema...

    Being Irish I felt that it was important to see this movie...

    The movie has been branded anti-British by many...

    It won the Palm D'Or at Cannes recently...

    It stars Cillian Murphy, Padraic Delany, Liam Cunningham and Gerard Kearney to name but a few...

    The movie is based on historical fact of the hardship that was placed upon the Irish while the British were in control. It tells of how ordinary men fighted for the Irish people, and how families were torn apart due to the treaty which declared Ireland still a dominion of the British Empire...

    Personally i found it really moving....I noticed that the majority of people in the cinema were of an older generation... Sitting infront of me were 2 elderly people and their adult daughter...When the movie had ended I noticed that the man was crying, his daughter asked him if he was ok, and he said he just needed a moment...

    Watching this movie meant a lot to me as i had a great-grandfather on both my Mother and Fathers side who had fought for Ireland...

    One of my great-grandfathers on my Fathers side took part of The Lockout with Jim Larkin... He fought for better working conditions, and better pay for Irish workers and can be seen in Dublin history books...

    One of my great-grandfathers on my Mothers side was a member of the R.I.C...he then left that and was a member of the 3rd Battalion of the OLD I.R.A... He spent two years in jail along with many others...when he died of old age over 25 Priests celebrated his funeral which was attended by members of the Irish Government.

    When i came home from the cinema tonight, my mother showed me the autograph book which he had with him in prison which has little notes from the people he spent the two years with...there were also letters which he wrote, and letters from Dail Eireann...his medals are still within the family...

    Overall i really enjoyed the movie...the actors showed great pride for their country...

    I'd reccomend anybody with an Irish heritage or not to see the movie...although a very brief history of the Irish Independence would be helpful, but not necessary...

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