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My Disney Cruise Review


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  • My Disney Cruise Review

    in light of Kevin Yee's recent review of his trip on the Disney Cruise, i decided to dust off some of my old pictures and share them with you and give you my review ...

    we went on the 3 day cruise
    day 1 : board the ship, set sail to nassau
    day 2 : nassau, set sail to castaway cay
    day 3 : castaway cay, set sail for home
    day 4 : breakfast early, customs, back to reality

    for starters, it was my first cruise ... ever! so i was more than excited. We arrived early so we could spend some time on the ship before all the families and kids showed up ...

    here's the loading / check-in area :

    here's our ship :

    here's me with the ship :

    now Kevin was on the disney magic, while we were on the disney wonder. at the time of our trip, the disney magic was in california doing mexican cruises.

    one other difference is this :

    insted of a mickey statue in front of triton's, it is an ariel statue. i thought it was beautiful!

    this chandelier was amazing :

    at our lunch buffett, there was really cool ice sculptures :

    after our lunch, we ventured around the ship. there was so much to see!

    here is the children's pool :

    here are the smoke stacks :

    tho they both look real, only one is operational. the other is a club for teenagers.

    here is a really pretty mural that was by our elevator :

    the "hallways" of the ship were designed to look like route 66 :

    then onto our room. we got the deluxe state room with veranda. it was beautiful!!

    here are some of the artwork that was on our walls :

    the details were amazing.

    here are the sheets on the bed :

    and the lamp :

    after a good dinner, it was off to the show.

    here are some shots from "hercules" :

    then it was off to bed.

    when i awoke the next morning, i saw this :

    we were in beautiful nassau.

    i don't have too many shots of when we were there cuz i was shopping like crazy.

    after a long (and expensive) day, it was back to the ship for dinner.

    here is a shot of the beautiful triton's :

    a beautiful caribbean sunset :

    our second show of the trip was "golden mickeys"

    here are some pictures :

    then it was off to bed

    early the next morning the whole boat was abuzz ... because ...

    we were there!!

    the highlight of the trip ... CASTAWAY CAY!!

    i have never gotten dressed so fast in my life ... we skipped breakfast and booked it off the boat.

    me and my mom signed up for parasailing ... sadly i have no pictures ... my dad has video tho

    here is me at one of the many photo ops :

    the characters were out

    the back of our boat does not have goofy (as the magic does) we get donald and his raskly nephew

    the little details were really cool :

    a shot of our beautiful ship :

    mount rustmore :lol:

    me and my mom enjoying the water :

    the back part of the island was made up to look like a landing strip :

    after that wonderful day, we had dinner at the wonderful "animator's palate"

    before :

    and after :

    our 3rd and final show, "golden dreams" :

    and sadly, it was over ... just like that :

    my opinon? go. it is the most wonderful experience i have ever had. you meet nice people, you do fun stuff, you get to eat AMAZING food. just go.

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    Re: My Disney Cruise Review

    Great pictures Aniko! Thanks for the great trip report. I've always wanted to go on a Disney cruise and seeing your pictures makes me want to go even more!!!


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      Re: My Disney Cruise Review

      nice pictures. Thanks for your report


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        Re: My Disney Cruise Review

        great pics looks like u had fun! i really want to go too. maybe that will be my next vacation.
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          Re: My Disney Cruise Review

          I've been saving up for it - we're hoping for a christmas time cruise!
          Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!


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            Re: My Disney Cruise Review

            We really need to do a Caribbean cruise. Nassau and Castaway Cay are peaceful and Beautiful from the pictures. Someday... Thanks Aniko!
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              Re: My Disney Cruise Review

              Now I really want to go on a disney cruise!!
              It looked so much fun and everything looked beautiful!



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                Re: My Disney Cruise Review

                For those of you thinking about it - you really, really, just have to do it. Disney cruises are just phenomenal. If you think the parks are magical, then you're really in for a treat. IMHO, the parks are just a shadow of magic compared to the cruises.


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                  Re: My Disney Cruise Review

                  I've always wanted to go on a Disney cruise.
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                    Re: My Disney Cruise Review

                    I can't wait for my cruise next summer. I am already excited and its a year away! Great pictures...the ship looks amazing!


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                      Re: My Disney Cruise Review

                      Thanks for sharing Love the photos and review


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                        Re: My Disney Cruise Review

                        Beautiful pictures! Thanks Aniko!

                        Lol, Donald on the back hanging like that is hilarious!


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                          Re: My Disney Cruise Review

                          Those were awsome photos. We plan on going nov of 08 for my sons 13th b-day.


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                            Re: My Disney Cruise Review

                            I loved this report!! can you tell me, where is this ship docked, and was it very expensive. oh and great job on the pics!!!


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