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Disney too afraid to be original


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  • Disney too afraid to be original

    The move to close down the traditional animation department spurred many to cry out that Disney had abandoned it's roots.

    Faltering talks with Pixar has one of the last vestiges of creativity possibly leaving the mouse for more profitable pastures.

    The Mouse has set up their own CG department to create their OWN brilliant CG Animation with their OWN Original Ideas.

    Many would look at this situation and say that Disney has lost it's way. Some feel that Disney just doesn't know how to be original any more. This is only partially true. More to the point they've only lost their guts.

    First off, Disney hasn't really abandoned traditional animation, nor have they lost the idea of what creativity is. Disney has just relegated risky creative moves to outside companies while reaping modest to stellar benefits. While the in-house Sequel Tank in Burbank produces safe, low-cost traditional animation schlock like this Disney Studios is distributing work like this. While Pixar produces hit after hit for the Mouse, at considerable financial risk to themselves, Disney is content to keep it's creative neck almost fully retracted while testing the waters in CG animation with direct to video releases and in park movie attractions. We'll see how the new department can pull off a CG feature film later on this year with Chicken Little, which I've heard, is kinda cute and not too bad.

    In my opnion, or in internet speak, IMHO, Disney is simply taking the route of the conservative business model nowadays. They are farming out the more financialy risky ventures to outside sources and benefiting, while maintaining and regrouping. I am NOT liking it, nor am I personally in agreement with it. But that is what they are doing.

    They have, in a sense, abandonded their roots. For example Walt Disney bet the entire Studio on Snow White. Lucky for him it worked.
    Today it is an entirely different game. Movies cost more and there is more at stake. A chain of bad investments would have the vultures of corporate America swarming again. Hey who said Comcast! Disney has become overstuffed and fattened and too afraid to be bold and creative anymore. Disney has become too afraid to be original.

    What do you think?
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    The greatest risk is never taking one at all.
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        "To think six years ahead - even two or three - in this business of making animated cartoon features, it takes calculated risk and much more than blind faith in the future of theatrical motion pictures. I see motion pictures as a family-founded institution closely related to the life and labor of millions of people. Entertainment such as our business provides has become a necessity, not a luxury. . . it is the part which offers us the greatest reassurance about the future in the animation field."

        -Walt Disney

        Just thought this might be relevant- I agree, there are not enough risks being taken
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          Right on the money Fishbulb. No great achievement comes without great risk.

          More than an attitude change though, Disney needs people in control who are passionate visionaries. People who can convince others to join them on their crazy journey. Risk, passion, integrity and imagination. These are the qualities Ditsy is missing these days and so desperatly needs to again aquire.
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            Good thread! Disney isn't the only problem. The entire entertainment industry is guilty of this. The creative visionaries who started the movie studios, TV, publishing houses and music industry are long gone. They've been swallowed up by conglomerates and corporations who only look at the biggest bang for the buck and safe ones that will assure them of reaching the widest possible audience or consumer.

            Except for a few independent filmmakers, it's all about re-makes and sequels. Broadway is all but dead. One of the most creative musical geniuses in the past 40 years can hardly get a show produced and American Idol has taken music to new depths of the "Dumbing Down of America."

            Before this turns into a rant I'm going to end it and urge the parents in here to show your children some of the classic Disney films (another thread mentioned that children no longer have any idea who Mr. Toad is and recommended ripping out the ride at DL), read them "The Wind In The Willows" and intorduce them to some Mozart and Beethoven.

            With TV, I don't know what to say, but there's a vast library of great TV from the past and other great stuff readily available in print, DVD, CD and video.

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              Hey guys, look at this Jim Hill article from today.
              "All my life I've had one dream, to achieve my many goals.
              Homer Jay Simpson


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                o_O Wow! Someone spoke my mind! Walt took alot of risks when he established his company. The silly symphonies, his first animated feature, and even Disneyland. =/ I think the last "Big Risk" the company took was with the Little Mermaid (They thought the movie would do poorly since they thought it had a limited audience)


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