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  • "Pete's" Producer to Visit

    I just got an email that i thought was worth sharing with someone. One of the teachers here at work has apparently arranged to have Jerry Courtland, who was a producer on Disney's Pete's Dragon, come in to the school next week. He's going to be here all day Wednesday giving a little workshop of sorts for any classes that are interested in attending. Sounds like fun, I will deffinitely be stopping by during one of the four classes. I just thought that was kinda cool and wanted to share it with my fellow Disney geeks who would aappreciate such things.

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    Update: Today's the day. I poked in for about an hour or so and listened to hims speak and answer questions from the students. Mr. Courtland has some very interesting stories from his years in the business. He started acting at age 17, and later moved into the realm of producing films and then directing for television. A couple interesting tidbits: He sang the title song for Old Yeller. He starred in some film or TV show (not sure which) about vikings that was filmed over in Germany, and then several years later when he was producing some actor came in for an interview and had on his resume that he had been a lead on this viking project. Apparently he thought it was obscure enough that no one would spot the fact that he was lying on his resume. Well Mr. Courtland played along and asked him some questions about it before finally revealing that he in fact had been one of the 2 leads in that particular production and was therefore on to this young actor :lol: . Among his producing credits were films such as Escape to Witch Mountain, Return to Witch Mountain, The Devil and Max Devlin, and of course Pete's Dragon. He shared with us a story of how he actually fired Shelly Winters from Pete's because she was being a total diva and making rediculous demands. Well she cried and apologized and stuff, and he couldn't find anyone he liked enough to replace her, so she made the film anyway, but was completely cooperative now. He also worked a great deal as a TV director. he did episodes of Knots Landing (including the 2 hour finale), Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, The Flying Nun, and The Partridge Family. It was very interesting.

    thought i would share


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