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Will Disney desert Mel Gibson? - foxnews. com 7/31/06


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  • Will Disney desert Mel Gibson? - foxnews. com 7/31/06

    Thanks to disneytim for the article:

    Will Disney Desert Mel Gibson?
    Monday, July 31, 2006
    By Roger Friedman

    Mel Gibson's alleged horrendous tirade on Friday morning may have reverberations far worse than he could imagine.

    For one thing, Gibson is set to release a hugely expensive and largely questionable film with family-friendly Disney on Dec. 8.

    "Apocalypto," which has no stars in it, cost at least $50 million. It was a gamble of a vanity project to begin with, set 600 years in the past and with dialogue only from the Mayan dialect of Yucatec.

    "Apocalypto" was set to open next week, but Disney pushed it back after inclement weather during the Mexican shoot put the movie off schedule. The Dec. 8 date puts "Apocalypto" right in the middle of holiday releases.

    But now the question is: How will Gibson do publicity for such a dicey movie without addressing his embarrassing and rather horrendous behavior Friday in Malibu?,2933,206407,00.html
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