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  • Description of Narnia trailer

    Someone from another non-Disney message board posted this, and I thought you'd all like to read it.

    SPOILER heavy, of course.

    Be prepared for something amazing. The trailer was finished yesterday at 6:30 pm.

    Keep in mind I've never read the books, so I don't know all the character names or locations, but I'll describe what I can remember from what I saw.

    It starts out with the four children meeting their new caretaker and them entering the mansion being told all the things they can not do. Especially not to touch any historical artifacts. The children then begin to play hide and go seek. Various shots are shown of them hiding in cabinets and trunks, until one little girl enters an empty room with a wardrobe. There's a great shot of her removing the cloth covering it and her slowly opening the door with a flashing light.

    During this whole scene the shots are cut with text that reads something like, "there are many doors" "only one leads to another world". It then shows the kids all standing out in the snow, near a cliff overlooking a forest. One girl says something like "I don't believe it."

    There is then a shot of some fish jumping out of the water to reveal a huge castle that looks somewhat like Minas Tirith. Then it shows some various shots of races bowing down in front of the kids. Then there are lots of fast cutting shots of the witch I think, showing her performing some sort of sacrifice or ritual. Lots of battling takes place. One shot shows a sword striking the ground, and a circular ring of fire is created as a barrier to defend an army.

    It ends with Aslan roaring on a cliff, and multiple chills ensue.

    You guys will love this trailer when it comes out!

    Speaking of which, the trailer is going to be attached to Star Wars!

    Also some interesting facts, the movie is said to have over 1000 effect shots. They are still trying to find the voice for Aslan (Brian Cox lost the role because he had lost 40 pounds and no longer has the same sound). Any questions?
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