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Disney's Eisner plots next move - NY Daily News, 1/20/05


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  • Disney's Eisner plots next move - NY Daily News, 1/20/05

    Don't count on Michael Eisner riding off into the sunset. With Disney president Bob Iger increasingly looking like he'll be named Eisner's successor, Hollywood is buzzing about the embattled media chief's next act.

    Some believe the longtime Disney boss, who faced a bruising shareholder no-confidence vote last year, will try to secure a new role at the media empire. A title making the rounds is "chief creative officer," though Disney insiders are discounting that possibility.

    "The last thing a new CEO needs is the old CEO sticking around," said Pat McGurn, senior vice president of Institutional Shareholder Services.

    "A lot the turnaround is cyclical," said Peter Goldman, portfolio manager of Disney sharehiolder Chicago Asset Management. Goldman lauds Iger for ABC's resurgence.
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    Eisner and creative? Isn't that an oxymoron? Moron being the operative word.

    I share your sentiments;


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      Eisner creative? Yeah, if was so damn creative it would be using the thousands of ideas the imagineers have instead of just copying the same attractions everywhere.

      I really dislike that guy.



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        actually before the tradgic death of the president in 1994... he was quite creative and didn't micro manage and worry about money that much.... (so he used to be creative....)


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          Ok, this is getting REDICULOUS! Any mafia contacts out there?!? It is time to have that man "taken care of" <wink wink>
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            ORDDU: Well, my sisters and I have l-o-n-g been desperate to cast an evil spell on him.

            ORWEN: But we're not allowed to do anything like that. Our magic only works to do GOOD things--not bad.

            ORGOCH: Speak fer yerself, sister! I got a few wicked spells up MY sleeve I ain't used, yet! An' ev'ry one of 'em's got Mikey's name on 'em!!!


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              I'd like to see him get 'creative' and create himself a nice hasty exit outta here.


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